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Kelsey put on her nightgown with trembling hands He knew he wasn't gonna like it and he didn't feel it but he resisted taking it off stubbornly
The nightgown itself was indecent not only because it was transparent but also because it had been slashed to the hips on the side and so the leg was much more visible than it had ever allowed anyone to see
It was made of soft pale blue silk sleeveless with a V-shaped breast cut and a simple strap on the shoulder that could be easily released
If it hadn't been for the robe from the same soft silk he wouldn't have dared to wear it But the robe covered his legs and arms However a small part of her breast was visible even when the belt was tightened but she thought it was all right under the circumstances
She was standing by the fire combing her hair and there was a knock
He just didn't have a voice in his throat telling Derek he could come in The man evidently did not feel the need for the door opened and he stood there staring directly at Kelsey with his eyes slightly rounded and darker
'We really must do something about this constant blush Kelsey' he said in a cheerful voice
Kelsey looked down and her face was hotter than the fire next to her
- I know I know
- It is It's very beautiful
You said that as if that was not the word you intended to use as if you were a little touched And the next thing you know you're standing in front of Kelsey and you take the comb out of your hand you put it away and you put one of your long locks of hair up to your face and you let it fall back to your waist
"It's absolutely beautiful" he said again
Kelsey looked up at him and from the green eyes of the man he felt such admiration that it made him feel even more warm The man's closeness however made him feel other things and there was a tingling sensation in his belly and his breasts began to tighten Even the spicy scent of a man excited his senses She found herself staring at Derek's mouth as if she wanted him to kiss her because she remembered how much more pleasant it was when she kissed him then she wasn't embarrassed her thoughts were falling apart and so she had a little peace of mind
His robe belt is untied with the help of the man of course Kelsey's face was once again smeared with hot blush as the thin silk fell at her feet But he heard Derek shudder and shudder and he felt his eyes glide through him
The man's voice was quite rough and hoarse when he said:
- We need to buy some more "this" he pointed to the nightgown - Quite a few
Do I have to? He thought he said it out loud but there was no sound coming out of his throat And now he was extremely tense just waiting he just waited
Then the man gently held Kelsey's face in two hands
- Do you know how much I've wanted this? - he asked her softly
Kelsey had nothing to say There was no need for it for Derek as soon as he said it began to kiss her kissed her seriously opened up Kelsey's lips broke her tongue tasted and struggled with Kelsey's tongue
He pulled closer Kelsey's breast touched her chest And Kelsey grew weak so weak that she almost felt she had to lean on him until at last she succumbed to this urgent desire
The man groaned from this obvious sign of surrender put him in his arms took him to the bed and then gently laid him down and then leaned back and watched Kelsey take off his cabaret and tie Kelsey's eyes met Derek's eyes and never moved again Her lips shuddered but she could not turn her eyes away for Derek's eyes were so sensual so delectable
Kelsey didn't put out the lights in the room Now you're thinking "I wish you had" because you were so embarrassed He wanted to hide under the covers but he didn't because he remembered May's words that men like to look at women's bodies and as he lay there now as if he were naked because the soft silk pressed to his skin and followed the lines of his body clearly But it was so hard lying there waiting for him to lie next to him
She could not know how enticing she was as her black hair spread out on the pillow her knees bent slightly just as her slender legs flashed out from under the blue silk His full lips opened a little as if begging to be put back into his mouth And those black lashes those restless gray eyes it's as if there's fear in them - but that can't be But looking at these eyes Derek felt like a ruthless Spartan about to dishonor a village girl It's a strange feeling but it doesn't diminish your raging desire As he entered the room and saw her in this bold thin dress his masculinity immediately became bulky


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