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In a way I regretted itin a way I was glad I went to that party I had a 16-year-old girl friend ask me out so I thought you might want to come with me I liked her for a long time even though I was a lot older than her I was secretly hoping for a time when it wouldn't matter Zsofi liked me but he never hid that he was dating other guys He changed them often but that's not surprising at this age
Entering the house where the party was held he bet He was wearing tight black pants which highlighted his full just not his big butt His striped T-shirt was exposed to a relatively low-cut female-falling upper third of his breast Then came the black soup An 18-year-old boy stepped next to him putting his left hand on Zsofi's butt and his right hand stretched out to me
- Hi - hi I'm Peter
I accepted your hand and I introduced myself I had a hard time stopping the pain from sitting on my face And then I got mixed up in the cream of the company Half an hour later the girl came up to me and asked for my help with a little packing We went upstairs and he led us into a little ventricle
- We should take this case of beer out
I bent down to pick it up when she pulled a little piece of wood at the end of the pantry
- What are you looking at?
- Nothing much You can only see into the bathroom from here
- Well well And that's good for what?
- You can see a lot of interesting things You know what I mean?
His fake smile gave me a thrill Then he went out the door and I brought the beer
Ten minutes later I saw him holding his friend's hand and they were on their way up As he passed me he took a quick look at me and then they went on
I couldn't resist going up to the little chamber in a minute I carefully took the little piece of wood and took a peek
I haven't missed anything yet They kissed tenderly and Peter touched her ass Zsofi's upper body pressed tightly against the boy slowly kneeling in front of him He opened the fly with a little hasty motion and then raised the boy's already stiff penis He held six inches of masculinity in his hand for a few seconds and then pulled the skin off He kissed the swollen acorn that emerged from under the hood and licked it with his little tongue Peter couldn't take it anymore so he took her head and pulled it on her dick Zsofi opened her mouth obediently and began to suck Leaving Peter's hands on the girl's head he set the rhythm After a few seconds of pampering the boy he stood up leaving his glistening saliva on the Dick
He pulled away from her a little bit and slowly pulled off his thin pants He was wearing a little white thong He also stepped out of it revealing his face-shaved pussy He sat on the top of the washing machine and spread his legs Peter did not hesitate much stood between the thighs and carefully placed his penis in her They remained in this position for a few seconds and then the boy began to fuck Zsófi with decisive powerful blows The girl's moans the boy's wheezing and the clanging of their bodies filled the room As Zsofi's voice grew sharper the boy moved faster and then he convulsed and ejaculated into the pussy
In a few moments he was shootin ' the kid away but he left it on the washing machine
- Come on over - he spoke to me When I went to the bathroom he was still on the plane He asked me to do something that I was once again amazed at
 You don't think there's anything disgusting about it do you?- he spread his legs and stuck his index finger in his wet pussy
- Then come and kiss my ass - his eyes glistened from waiting I could see that she was unsatisfied because even though she liked it but she couldn't let go I couldn't say no to her I got down on my knees and taped my lips to her pussy with her finger still in it Then as he slowly pulled it out the warm dense liquid came after him I put my tongue in it and though I couldn't see it it was clear what I was going to eat out of it It was an incredibly dirty feeling to sip and swallow the wet parts of a fresh-ass pussy Zsofi gave herself to complete ecstasy held me so firmly against him that I feared I would suffocate And then by the time her orgasm was over I'd already licked her clean
I got up and he got off the washing machine and he grabbed my face and pulled it in He started licking his own and Peter's juices off me As he looked over my shoulder for a second I saw a look of Wonder on his face and his eyes lit up Looking back I noticed a stiff cock through the peephole It wasn't Peter's it was slightly longer and thicker The fat ACORN was not covered by a hood gazing freely proudly at Zsófi She was waiting to be pampered
I walked up to the wall grabbed the dick by the base and I looked at Jofi
- Do you want to suck my dick?
When I asked the question the tool in my hand flinched Zsofi got down on his knees I already knew your answer He approached her with caution her lips stopped half an inch from the desired object With my hands I touched the Acorn()


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