Intimate Sex Between Two College Students

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Steve was naked in front of the mirror He just got home from work and he wanted to take a shower before dinner so that he and his girlfriend could sit in bed and watch the evening show on TV while eating The bathroom was not very large and the mirror was the size of the person next to the shower
But Steve was looking at you At first he looked at his face a little tired his eyes his face with stubble did not appear to be in his best shape but he did not feel so tired
His eyes slowly moved down ran through his muscular chest and abdomen and then stopped on his flaccid genitalia
He's been thinking about it all day
Do you think she'll like it her friend Catie or laugh at it or resent it?
His colleague has been bragging all day about how much he liked his wife by using her razor not only on her face but also lower down the excess hair He shaved his pubic hair and the woman had not taken her eyes hands mouth off the stripped worm all night
And Steve's been wondering what Catie would say if he surprised her by shaving her penis
He took a deep breath and decided
He took the shaving cream in his hand shook the bottle put some in his hand and spread it evenly over his pubic hair Then he took the razor and began to shave the thick hair slowly and gently
He was almost at the end of the operation and all he had to do was wash off the remaining foam and the stuck hairs when the bathroom door suddenly opened and Steve's hand stopped shaking in the air Catie was at the door looking at her friend with questions
- What Are you doing honey? - he asked in amazement
- I did Steve was just babbling and he didn't dare move - I did the guys inside told me that
Catie smiled with a flirty smile stepped in and closed the door behind her She was just wearing a see-through light nightgown and she was already in the shower Falling on her shoulder red even slightly wet hair made her pretty face very sexy
He walked slowly to his friend who was still frozen took his hand took the razor out of him and placed it on the sink and gently placed it in the shower took the shower rose set the water warm and washed off the excess of his friend At first he made soft caressing movements around the boy's genitals barely touching them while washing off the hair he had cut off and then gently touching his friend's penis and pulling the skin up and down he removed the excess Steve felt Catie's touch make his blood boil and his penis begin to grow She replied with a flirty smile and looked deeply into the eyes of her friend who was slowly starting to relax realizing that Catie liked what she had done with her hair
The girl's finished cleaning
Steve got out of the shower and Catie lifted the boy's towel off the coat rack and then wiped his friend's stiff penis and where it was still wet his thighs and stomach


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