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Let's start with some information about me I was a very popular kid in school handsome well-built top athlete I've had fun with girls some moms and now my stepsister If you like the story I'll continue writing and show you some even hotter stories
My stepsister Lori was a pretty pretty girl 5 '6" reddish-brown hair cute little cheeks and a few freckles She had a hot figure nice tits and a cute little ass She moved in with us in high school to stay with us until school was over We were the same age both 10 grad students Most of the family lived upstairs except for the two of us we lived in the basement
I never looked at him for sexual reasons until we started remodeling the basement We built a TV room on one side and our bedrooms on the other So for a while we only had the frame of the wall but not the actual wall You could have gone straight to the other one's room After a while we got used to each other and we stopped running to the bathroom when we got dressed We tried to dress and undress when we thought the other one couldn't see I caught him a couple of times getting dressed and I'm pretty sure he saw me too I never tried to hide After seeing his body a few times I tried to show him as much of my muscles as I could I wanted him to want me
I got home pretty late one night and I thought everyone else was asleep I took off my clothes and crawled into my bed I usually sleep in the same boxers but sometimes without one Shortly after I went to bed I heard movement I thought I woke Lori up and she went to the bathroom A few moments later I heard footsteps and they sounded like they were heading for my room I heard Lori's whisper as she asked me if I was sleeping and I turned to the other side leaving the blanket slide down leaving my chiseled chest open  I said no and he came into my room and he said he wanted to talk to me and I slipped away so he could sit on the bed We talked about nothing for a long time It was dark but one could still see each other in the moonlight through the window at the far end of the basement As she sat on my bed wearing a short shirt and thong I became more and more excited He asked me about my last day of practice and I told him I had a bit of a dislocated shoulder He offered to give me a massage just turn around He knelt on the bed next to me and started massaging my shoulders It felt good to feel his little hands on my back and his legs next to my arm I was getting stiff as I lay there
He slowly slipped his hands down on my back and there he continued his great massage As he touched my waist and slid the blanket down a little bit he noticed I didn't wear anything underneath I heard him take a deep breath and I could have sworn I heard a little moan as he slipped his hand down and down
As he got to the bottom of my back he started going up and down with his hands tickling with his fingers As you can imagine he enjoyed the feel of my body as much as I enjoyed his touch His hands kept slipping down and down by my side while his hands were running beyond my hips on my thighs I started to turn around or rather writhe I told him how good his hands felt how much I enjoy a massage She said she liked it too and I wish her boyfriend would go to the gym and he was as muscular as I am He also told me that all of his girlfriends would die to do this to me and that it would be hard to keep it a secret from them
He told me they all think I'm hot and they want me We both laughed and I turned around so I lay there with the blanket barely covering my maddening boner He slowly began to caress my chest and I slipped my hand on his foot and I caressed him there watching him close his eyes and take a deep breath I could see her nipples start to stare and they come across the thin T-shirt she was wearing He was just as nervous as I was We both wanted the same thing but we were both afraid to cross the line
He said it would be better if he went back to bed and I knew I couldn't let that happen I slipped my hand on his back and looked him in the eye He grew stiff as he looked back at me I told him to stay and I pulled him in Our lips met for the first time her lips slowly opened as my tongue found its way into her mouth and then our tongues found each other My mind was going crazy; I didn't know how far he'd let things go As we continued to kiss our hands began to discover each other's bodies I slipped my hand under his shirt but I just stroked his back didn't want to test my luck and ruin everything()


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