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I turned around in bed and I felt my body touch someone and I opened my eyes immediately which made me remember last night
At the bar where I settled the score with Josh Richard and I were in the elevator examining my bags and in the room I met Officer Thomas and his nightstick very impressed And then the real party started and the boys showed me how much they loved me and they wanted to try everything they could think of with me during the night
And then we'd lie in bed all sweaty and tired and wet with each other cuddled up with all the people and then we'd fall asleep
And now I was facing Thomas ' unshakable face while his arms were all over me and I felt his chest slowly rise up and then he sank from his breath and I had never felt the body of a man full of strength beside me
It was soothing and pleasant and warm skin to feel on mine until I went with my hand to explore his groin but before I touched him a knock was knocked on the door
I pulled my hand back right away and the good feeling that started replaced the fear when I realized that I was getting married to Loren today There was another knock and I climbed out of my friend's arms and turned to the middle where there was a little room because Josh and Richard were just as comfortable as we were huddled together in each other's arms on the other side of the bed
I rose up with my upper body and then with my hands and feet I climbed down the bed with the help of a band without waking anyone up
When I touched the floor beneath my feet there was another knock on the door and I immediately looked for something to wear The boys ' costumes and my clothes were all over the floor so as a last resort I looked in the lockers and there was a white robe
I picked it up and I tied the string on its side tight so I wouldn't see anything coming out of it and not indicate that I had a rough night
'Cause what if Loren's at the door to see how hungover I am and if I'm ready for the big event or if one of his girlfriends catches me like this and I'm sure she'll just assume that I'm cheating on his girlfriend Finally another knock interrupted my increasingly frightening vision of the future waiting for me on the other side of the door and then I looked at the guys on the bed one more time and I walked towards the door I felt it getting harder and harder to breathe as I approached the door and finally my hand stopped on the doorknob
- Who is it? "I cried out and as if time had stopped for a moment I waited so motionless as to hear the reply of the other party"
- Room service breakfast is here sir  I could feel myself breathing again and I sighed a big sigh at the door - Shall I bring him in or leave him outside Sir? – I thought about it but then I remembered how suspicious it would be if I didn't let an employee of the hotel in who I think already saw everything that could happen in a room so I opened the door and waved in
- Good morning sir "I said" I said " and then I waved him to come in calmly and he pushed in the dining-room cart with a lot of steaming and smelling food on it"
I told him to put the car down by the bedroom while I locked the door behind me and followed the boy into the bedroom while I looked at his ass which made the front of my robe stand up He rolled the food into the bedroom where the others were sleeping heavily and then he stopped for a minute and looked towards the bed and then he looked back at me while I was looking at the selection of the car
- Must have been a hell of a night "he smiled and looked at me as he did stopping his eyes at the rise at the beginning of the robe and quickly headed towards the entrance"
- You can stay if you want  I called after him which he came back to and he looked at me with a question "There is enough food for all of us" I pointed to the delicacies on the plates - What do you think? - you could tell he was considering my offer and then he came closer and he looked around the car and finally nodded to me with his consent
- Thanks manI haven't eaten anything all day – we were both looking at the car and then I thought of an even better idea
- You're welcome because you know looking at the plates I don't really want any of that right now "I put my hand on his shoulder and pressed it firmly which he saw and looked at me
He had pale brown skin golden brown eyes and a guy with blonde brown hair whose sensual mouth is just waiting for someone to take it between his lips He looked at me and we both looked at each other with satisfaction
- What would you like to eat? - waving his head at the food on the car – if not these?  I put my hand on the front of his pants which had been bulging very hard for him

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