Sexy Stepsister Lana Rhoades Will Do Anything For Her Brother

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The next year was unforgettable for me and of course we didn't last long and I lost my virginity but I didn't mind because I was in the best hands
Thanks to my liberated sexuality I was getting more and more out of myself in the latin races and soon became junior Hungarian champion
Zita my best friend who was a year older than me is a little jealous of me
He was always asking me " how can you be so sexy?"
Our conversations have also revealed that she is head over heels in love with our teacher and dreams of taking her virginity I wasn't jealous so I thought I'd get my teacher to give Zitus the chance of pleasure just like I did I had confided in Tombachi about my plan and since he was intrigued he agreed to the action
I told Zitu he could take a special class with me where he could learn the secret of sexy dancing
Tomba behaved as usual but he put two latex suits in our hands to make us wear them And then he said that if we want to learn we have to do everything he says
- But nothing under there - he called us
When we put on the yellow dress it turned out to be completely transparent
- Come on Come on out - the master said We came out of the booth to cover our bodies
- Shame is the modesty that comes into your veins to stop your stage success
Well not Nadya's because she's over it Stand in front of the mirror and take a good look at yourselves You feel like you have something to be ashamed of
We looked at ourselves and shook our heads I didn't realize today had any surprises for me but luckily luck was with me
- Good Now look at each other and tell me how you see each other Nadya tell me what you see but don't miss anything out of the ordinary
- Zita's a really nice girl Her curly blonde curls make me want to go through them His blue eyes are like a river Her mouth and teeth are nice and cute the two holes in her face when she smiles Her body is really hot no wonder the boys are always staring at her
I was stuck here but Tomba called me:
- I want you to tell me how you see Zita's tits and ass and pussy
 I've always envied Zitu's breaststhey're so big and shapely It's so special that the nipples hardly differ from the color of your skin She's got the ass of a model in a magazine Her vagina is so fleshy and her blonde hair barely covers anything
- So you like Zita
- Yeah - yeah
- Na Zita you're up
- Well I'm embarrassedNady said so many good things about me So Nady can't complain about her hair eitherI especially like it when she puts it in two coffees His eyes are always glistening and burning She's so small but she's so pretty She always looks good in her dancing clothes just like this one she's wearing She's got such sweet tits It's interesting how the nipples bulge I think they're especially beautiful Her ass is so muscular you can't even pinch it Her pussy hair doesn't show much but I'm sure it's pretty that's all it is
- Okay so you like Nady too This is magnificent Nady I want you to pet Zita wherever you see her as beautiful
I stood up to my girlfriend and looked her in the eye His eyes were excited his face was on fire
I put it in her hair she closed her eyes I glided through her fingers eyebrows nose lips chin neck My fingers glided over her delicate breasts and I circled around her nipples a little His chest movement was intense It's funny how it never occurred to me that caressing a girl was unnatural They slipped on the slender waist of my hands and I slid down his long legs and I glided back and I put my hand in his round buttocks
Zita sighed I pulled my hands forward and stroked her pussy like I do when I masturbate to myself I could feel Zita involuntarily pressing her pubic thigh against my fingers
The master didn't want me to get my girlfriend to the top so he told me to stop
- Did it feel good what Nadya did?
Zita nodded
- Would you like to pet Nadia?
Zita nodded again
- Then do it
Zitus stood up to me His eyes were veiled and particularly glistening He licked her lips and raised her hand to my hair When he touched her I could feel his hands shaking
He raised my curls forward and stroked them over and over again Then his fingers rolled over my face gliding down my neck but the master spoke
- That's nice Well you have to stop caressing Would you like to keep stroking her?
Zita used to nod her head like that
- How much?
- Very - she whispered
- I can't hear you
- I'd love to - he said it louder
 Okay that's called sexual attraction It's not a crime because it's what makes most of human relationships work and it doesn't matter who you feel for


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