BFFS – Fucked All My Sisters Friends During Sleepover

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There was darkness in the room only light from the streetlights Everyone in the apartment was asleep except for The Orchid Quiet and yet there was a huge buzz It's raining outside The cool drops knocked softly on the ledge The cars and buses were humming on the road and it was distinctly heard in the small room on the third floor The wind rose and slammed the branches firmly against the window Orchid shuddered in its quiet solitude But he's not alone in the room and his friend Alex is lying next to him and he's mad at him He could be asleep breathing loudly and completely still
Orchid's face was clearly visible in the penetrating light Alex if she is awake she must be able to see her sad despair her eyes drenched in tears She tried to breathe without a sound cry He felt a hot sharp pain in his chest which rushed at him suddenly His throat and eyes throbbed with the suppressed cry the memory of a violent quarrel suddenly burst in his mind "I'm better than you You look like a kid"Yeah he's 15 but Alex is only five years older than him He could no longer recall the specific cause of the quarrel and these few painful words stuck in his tired disturbed brain
After they went to bed Alex tried to approach Orchid make love to her but the girl was too much of a pain in the ass so he pushed her away They turned their backs on each other and they've been turning in the dark ever since
Alex leaned up his face was illuminated and now they both saw each other's bright eyes Two sad eyes staring at each other yearning The boy could no longer endure this tense silence embraced her kissed Orchid tried to calm her down She leaned to her partner's ear and whispered in a trembling voice:
- I want to make love to you
Alex's face was filled with heavenly happiness breathed delicious kisses on Orchid's white neck round shoulders soft hot lips Meanwhile she stroked her hot body smooth thighs flat belly Alex gently slipped her hand under her lover's top and began to caress her much admired round breasts The little cherry nipples were getting harder and harder between the hot fingers
Alex quickly removed Orchid from satin pajamas She was now lying there naked with a body trembling with passion His companion felt every inch of his body with such longing eyes that Orchid was terribly embarrassed He wanted to cover himself but he still wanted Alex to admire and pamper his feverish body He closed his eyes spread his legs and waited trembling to give himself over to the hot lava flow of pleasure
The Bewitched boy did not hesitate lay between Orchid's legs and spread small kisses on his inner thigh all the way to his thigh The humid breath the warmth of the soft mouth near the already wet petals was quite a thrill Alex would have liked to increase her excitement but her own impatience got the better of her He could no longer bear to taste the honey-scented dewy Rosebud which was open to him sensuously()


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