FamilyStrokes – Scared Stepdaughter Gets Fucked While Wife Sleeps

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My first lesbian experience happened to me when I was 16 I didn't expect things to turn out this way at all This is exactly the case where I lost my virginity But who? You'll know when you read my story
It all happened in Siófok (Since then this is my favorite city)
It was a warm summer My family-daddy mommy little brother and I - were down at the nudie beach enjoying the day looking at the water and the good stuff (For as long as I can remember we've been going to Nudie Beach We were raised in an open mind One day about half of the afternoon I got fed up with the beach and told the family I was going back to the hotel to get laid The shocked faces should have been seen We can finally have a vacation together here's starrd balchie and this chick going to the hotel to chill Of course I had to explain but the arguments I came up with were so good my mom went back with me Dad and dad didn't come of course In fact they said they weren't coming up until 10: 00 pm We got dressed and after a short walk and an elevator ride we were in the cool hotel room
- Now you're getting cold My brain was boiling - I said something
 Yeah well that's what you'd expect at a beach
- All right MomMom Help me close the blinds It's too hot in here At least it'll be cold
- All right - okay - and then we started pulling the blinds in
After the showdown I went to the bathroom and took a shower Since we were open-minded I didn't record anything And then mom went for a shower By the time he came back I was naked stretched out on the bed resting
- What are you doing? - he asked
- Yeah - yeah Come and lie down Just relax You don't have to do anything now You need a break
- I'm coming look out - she laughed and mother slept with me
Mom had nothing on her either Mom was doing well She was the type of woman the men used to walk down the street looking for Brown hair round tits tight ass shaved pussy It's not like I missed it I inherited those qualities from him too I looked really good when I was 16 I didn't shave my pussy though
But let's get back to the story
There was an awkward silence in the air I could feel my mom trying to tell me something
- Come on - I said something
- With what?
- Don't pretend I know there's something you want to talk about
- Okay okay You win I really want to talk to you
- About what?
- Actually it's time for enlightenment
- No way You don't want to talk about sex with me do you?
- Yes you are What you learn in school is not easy
- Mom Please please
- There's nothing please Now is the time to talk and I'm taking it Resisting is futile
- All right Let's get this over with
And then the conversation began It started off as a bit of a moan but then we had a nice chat Not that I needed it but Mother's advice was always worth listening to with at least one ear So we discussed everything we could It finally ended Suddenly the room was quiet Awkward silence Then it was like a volcano erupting and we started laughing at the same time We laughed for like five minutes straight
- You can't run now - mom said triumphantly and it tickled me Of course I didn't have to worry about it either and I immediately started to defend myself and then I counterattacked That's where my mom and I wrestled naked After all mom won after a long wrestling match He tackled me sat on top of me and held my hand That's when I started thinking about the lesbians from the last conversation I had questions Two women snuggling and making love? How how?
- Is something wrong? - he kept asking me sitting on top of me and pinned down
 Oh I just remembered a few questions about our conversation
- Go ahead Come on - he still won't let me go
- Lesbians Two women snuggling and making love? How how? Is that good? Forbidden?
- Are you curious about lesbian stuff? Well it's not really accepted in today's society but it's not necessarily bad Neither is homosexuality and bisexuality
- But mom Kissing a guy is different - I interrupted
- Why is it different? Have you ever tried it with a girl? - he asked
- No I'm not I don't even have a basis for comparison I'm just curious
- I see so you're interested Are you curious? - and he still wouldn't let me go he leaned closer to my face
- Yeah I'm curious - I said
- Then listen - and mom started kissing me First he started biting my forehead my face and then my ears gently
I shuddered An unknown force has seized me I was feeling warm I knew what mom was doing was forbidden but I couldn't resist He did what he did very delicately (And the other half of the truth is that Curiosity has turned me on()


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