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I've known Claudia since I was nine years old and until I was 17 I just thought of her as a friend but when I started masturbating to girls on a regular basis her face flashed into my head and playing with the idea of what it would be like  The same reason I didn't think of her like that before because she's my childhood girlfriend and no one would feel as intimate with her as I do with her
And then the next day I felt like I was being serious I didn't know how I could do this because I felt just as friendly towards her when we were back together as if nothing had happened and I felt like even if she wanted to sleep with me I couldn't do it because she was my girlfriend for a thousand years and it would be so weird but then the night came and I got more excited than anyone when I thought about her
And the next day it was all over again Don't get me wrong I wasn't trying to hide the fact that I was attracted to my own sex and I was actually very happy that I was bisexual and I knew that I was going to secretly try it out with someone but it was strong that I was actually excited about my childhood girlfriend Whether it's a man or a woman it's always been decided from the beginning whether I'm attracted to someone or not
That's how it went almost every night until I was 21 when we moved in together
By then I felt totally natural that we were having a party having a boyfriend and sometimes when I feel like it I feel like I'm touching myself thinking about my best friend because it makes me so hot but I felt sick enough to do it in the room next to her now Oh my god if she knew I was thinking about her right now caressing myself - only the walls of our rooms separated our beds
To this day I couldn't figure out that the only reason I didn't take the initiative at the time was because I didn't want it or I didn't dare Life brought us together
Oh yeah It wouldn't be me if it wasn't After the first and only time I secretly slept with a girl and we were exchanging good-bye kisses on the street and Claudia just turned the corner and saw us He stopped He wanted to turn back but at the same time she was gone and I was on my way to Claudia For minutes I felt like they were holding a hot Pitchfork to my chest
- Whoa - he smiled - I guess this is a bad time - he said to say hello
- Oh this is embarrassing
- Don't worry it doesn't bother me But who is she? Are you two dating?
- No he's just I know him from the class I was just curious and she wanted to so …
 I've thought about what it would be like to be with a girl - it's gone down
- Oh yeah? - you can imagine what a relief it was to hear that
 I'm only saying this because I understand you but I've always thought of you as my girlfriend
- I love you too
- All right then - he smiled  It's a little weird finding out after 15 years but the point is we're clear
A few days later Friday night we were getting ready for a party
- Which shirt do you want to wear?  he asked me standing at the door of my room while I was getting dressed He was wearing a towel I didn't mean to but my eyes were stuck on her breasts
- I don't know
- I haven't washed the top I wanted to go in yet Can I borrow one of these?
I just feel really sexy in my top - he smiled
- I think you look sexy in a trench coat Of course take whatever you want
Except for the blue one-I took it to myself - because I'm wearing it
You could almost feel the sexual tension between us since we found out that we were both attracted to women
- I can see your boobs are tight without a bra - he smiled
- Why not you?  I was a little embarrassed standing in front of her in her underwear
- Well not that much
- Yeah but yours are bigger Gravity pulls them more - I smiled
- Can I touch them? After all we're just friends I'm just curious about the feel of a tight woman's breasts You're gonna get mine At least then you'll believe why yours are prettier - she untied the towel and rewired it under her breast I could only look him in the eye for a brief moment while he was touching my breasts because I saw my nipples get hard and he probably noticed that
- They feel better than mine - his pupils are dilated
And her nipples soon after I touched her breasts
 They're softer but I think they're really pretty I'd love to trade places with you
The bell rang
 Oh man I forgot we were late Must be the girls
For a guy we went out on a date we didn't really have to go to the party
We were drinking dancing while everyone else was making out with their boyfriends


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