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It was a day in May when Victor the hero of Our Story walked around the boating lake while his classmates sat in class taking diligent notes Viktor didn't want to go to these two classes because he didn't like the teacher who taught the class and he didn't want to go to class and there wasn't a sign-up sheet for the teacher so he could do it He walked out to the island in the middle of the lake and quietly started writing in his diary He observed that when he was quiet people often didn't even notice he was there That's the way it was
Two women about 45 years old walking around with little bags on their backs settling down at the base of the wall and they started stripping for the sun Viktor sat a little further back on a bench and watched the two pretty ladies undress and put on their bathing suits He got all wrapped up in this when his phone reminded him it was time to get back to school He didn't like to hurry so he gave himself plenty of time to make it back to the school that was 10 minutes away Which is why he thought he'd stay and look at the two ladies who were about to take off their bikini tops when one of them noticed him and found himself between Viktor's eyes He gently spoke to his girlfriend who interrupted the movement leaving her bikini top on Viktor waited a little longer and realized that nothing good was going to happen here He had two minutes before the start of the class when he saw that there was only one girl left in the room and he was preparing to leave in a hurry
- Where is everybody?
- They left because it's the last day and tomorrow we won't have to come and they won't be able to catch their trains
- That's okay but not everyone's a train driver
- The others leftthey didn't want to stay in teacher's class and neither did I
He took his bag over his shoulder and quickly pulled me out of the room Viktor decided to follow the example and was ready when she entered the room The teacher was beautiful slender shaped like an hourglass which was highlighted by her perfectly round breasts
Viktor knew there was no escape The funny thing is he didn't know that in his classmates he was the one who started the idea that you could leave and why not at the end of your last day of school this month Viktor studied correspondence The teacher was a little surprised by the numbers especially since there weren't so many nerds in her class but they were already infected by the others :) Although he was surprised to find Viktor in the room as the only student Let's take a look here for a moment and see why the teacher was surprised Viktor usually skipped these classes and only came in once in a while Once a semester for an occasion that took 4 or 45 minutes just to show the teacher that she was interested Viktor was lucky What he knew about you was smart kind polite handsome and Manly He didn't play sports but his figure was good thanks to the chopping of wood with his grandfather and brother He had broad shoulders and muscular arms She was a good dresser What Viktor didn't know was that Catherine had liked it since the first year Viktor would compliment the teacher and smile at her and try to show all the respect a pretty young smart woman like you deserves It's important to grow Though he didn't know it he treated his teacher like a woman the other students only saw the teacher who made her life miserable while Viktor saw the real woman So teacher graded her verbally and she wasn't too hard on her and the others of course Only the teacher knew the truth So much for our hero's good fortune
- Hello teacher
- Others?
 Half of them were on the train and the other half took them to the station so they wouldn't be late
The teacher smiled and he liked the answer and knew that he didn't usually follow his classes
- How did you stay here? You lost a bet?
"No I was just curious about the Watch" said Viktor
'You're a little cheeky' said the teacher sternly which made Viktor a little frightened and said the truth
"I came back late from the lake" said Viktor
'That's why' replied the teacher a little mellow- And since you're so curious I'll give you the first two hours - he said it with a little sarcasm in his voice That's what they started with Viktor listened persistently to what his teacher had said and then suddenly his thoughts began to wander He's got a fantasy She was taking the panties off the teacher when suddenly a book snapped on her desk To wake our hero from his beautiful dream
- Are you listening to me? - The teacher asked him a little angrily
'I beg your pardon' said Viktor stammering with fear
'I can see that' said the teacher smiling a little but strictly  Okay if you tell me where you've been maybe I won't give you an inadequate watch - his voice was not only stern but cold()


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