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Judit while Louis was escorting the guests out approached the prisoner who had been tied up gently stroked her ass
- You got off easy I hope you won't be a problem later
- I don't care - he answered Edit with a broken heart
- What's the matter?
- Do you have to ask?
- Tell me what's bothering you?
- Now you've completely ruined me My life has no meaning
- Yes you do
- What's that?
- To serve us
- Or what?
- Or what? Hell will be the rest of your life
- I don't care
- So that's how it is
- Yes
- Listen to me you bitch Think carefully about what you're saying because I've been gentle with you but I can be more drastic
- Or?
 Or you can have a good thing it's up to you
- In what way?
 If you grant us all our wishes immediately and unconditionally it may be pleasant for you
- No taboo?
- That's right
- May I make a request?
-Let's hear itI'll decide if I do it
- Kill me
- Hey listen Forget this bullshit - she started out peaceably He sat down next to Edith - I know you're devastated and I understand your desire to die But you should know something You're better off not fighting me or my husband Louis can be very cruel but he can also be gentle Look at Peter he got a lot less punishment than you
 You didn't humiliate him like you humiliated me
 I think it was humiliating enough for him that we forced you to do everything and he couldn't do anything about it Don't you think?
- You're probably right
- Do you like it?
- Yeah he humiliated me too
- No doubt but he tried to intervene now and we just stopped him I think he'd still die if it meant saving you
- What are you trying to say?
 I'm just saying If you still love her Don't throw your life away and enjoy new opportunities
- What new options?
 You don't have to be careful not to get pregnant anymore Feel free to enjoy the time when a hog gets into your vagina and falls down inside you and then it gets back up and running Not to mention the period won't last a week but you'll get through it in a day and the next day you can keep fucking fresh
- Don't tell me I got the best of it
 Do you know how many women would trade places with you?
- Because?
- Fuck no problem anytime anyone It's heaven
- There's only one problem
- You don't like to fuck?
- No I like to make love
- It's the same thing
- That's what you think
- So you're not fucking your husband? Isn't he gonna stick his amazing cock in you?
- Yeah it's just that there's an emotion involved and it feels good to me too
- Then make it work for you
- Sex is all that matters to you?
- That's my life
 I feel sorry for you you don't know what real love is
- Bullshit You mean romantic dinners?
- That too
- Are you that naive? It's all a circus so they can fuck you
- Maybe but it's more likeable than this
- Now tell me You Didn't like it when Louis licked you
- I could lie and say no Of course I enjoyed it but that was just my body's reaction
- How is that possible?
- You don't understand anything
- I always enjoy sex Whoever's giving me what I want
- But I'm not a whore
- How many boys were you with before your husband?
- None
- Yeah That explains it He's the one
- That's right
- And we ruined this idyllic life?
- Yeah you ruined everything Selfish and ruthless
 You know it's too bad we just talked about this ' cause it's too late to do anything
- Why would you have done something?
- I was blind so blind I didn't watch what I was doing All I cared about was how much pleasure your bodies gave me
- Yeah - yeah
 But now I can't let you go because I need you too much But if you accept my love I won't be ungrateful
- What's that supposed to mean?
- If you're good to me I'll be good to you
 So if I understand correctly if I make love to you voluntarily you won't beat me up torture me any longer But if you don't you're gonna force me right?
- Like this I need you You and your husband
 Do you promise not to hurt me physically or spiritually?
 It's not just up to me but if you're willing to do anything maybe
- Maybe what?
 Perhaps I could put in a word for you with Louis
- If I tell you that I will grant your every wish without opposition will you not humiliate me again beat me?
- Are you serious?
- I don't have a lot of options I just want to survive my situation with as little pain as possible
- So I understand you voluntarily lick suck and fuck swallow everything without resisting just don't get beat up


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