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Someone was lying on top of me Heavy sleeping male body and his hard-on pressed against my hip I couldn't remember anything but who the hell else but Aaron? I don't often sleep in bed with other men than my occasional lover He slept face-to-face so I couldn't be sure The hair color was right only the hairstyle was longer than usual There was a leg between my legs while the narrow hip was looking for its place between my thighs My palms were automatically smoothed over the broad back and my lower body immediately awoke the instinctive morning longing There was a stubble on my lips and then it slipped down my neck while I put my fingers between the dark-haired curls I had a good thrill and I wanted to be on top I turned my burden from myself with a sudden impulse and I rose above him in a riding seat Suddenly there was a lot of shocking information Strange face not very handsome but endearing A little more robust than Aaron's yet elegant streamlined But the most astonishing thing was that in the body under the delicate skin I could not feel the living flesh and muscles but rather some kind of steel wire Rock hard alarming visible to the eye under a square transparent little surface on the right side of the neck
What the hell is this? A robot or a droid?
I should have been more scared I should have been more scared I'm scared But things were far too good under the waist Two strong hands grabbed my hips from both sides long fingers all over the back resting on my buttocks My body almost started to move unconscious when with a huge phase delay I was struck down by reality and I jumped out of bed with alarm
- Who are you? - I used to flutter when I was asleep
All of a sudden the whole world the place yesterday everything was sharp and bright alive and back I was standing naked with a total stranger?) and I was struck by the terror that had not yet penetrated my vague thoughts I pulled a sheet down in front of me and looked anxiously at the closed door which could have opened the passage and from there to a room next door where who knows which of my friends might be sleeping the sleep of the righteous The Alpine Hutte was quiet isolated from the outside world any help
The man rose from the bed and reached out to me with one arm I was afraid to take a step back and in a bizarre way I couldn't take my eyes off his body Everything that seemed to be shaped on a human scale was perfect on it Muscles and tendons in real work not in a fitness room(or rather wires?) tanned on a real day and irritatingly bleached hairs Even the sight of a limp erection was tingly The only flaw was a small scar above his upper lip Someone designed this machine to be perfect why would they spot it there? - the question ran through my head
'Vivien' said he in a surprisingly velvety tone for a metallic lifeless artificial sound I expected when I saw his lips move
In the meantime he had already laid one foot on the floor and I had gone mad further back almost deaf to what he had said The only thing my brain could handle at the moment is that since the bed is in the middle of the room if I move well enough there will always be a barrier between us that it can't reach me
"Vivien" he repeated
I didn't want to and I couldn't deal with what he said but this time the information found its way into a proper brain loop
"I am not Vivien" I whispered - Who are you?
- Cooper I'm here to make Vivien happy – the short frivolous answer came
My brain seems to be adjusting to the situation in order to organize absurd information in a short time First of all this thing is obviously here to make you happy also single My slightly bitter girlfriend who didn't even come on this mountain trip with us?
What kind of stupid joke is that? And who made it up?
And that name Cooper Short to the point which could be a last name or a synonym for a workman or a craftsman How clever for a robot What is this machine master of? Pleasure?
"If you are not Vivien I must go and look for her" said he moving towards the door
Oh my god you want to march naked out of my room?
- Wait wait wait - I reached for his wrist with some inexplicable stimulus  Vivien's not hereshe didn't come with us
The guy was staring at me
"Room 7 Vivien" he said with a slight question in his tone
- I should have nodded - But he didn't come I'm Kata And you know you can still do what you were sent here to do


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