StepSiblingsCaught – Making My Step Sis Cum Has Her Wanting More

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College was only a few blocks from the motel so Pam and Cissy walked there The golden light of the sun spattered all over the museum The girls sat on the edge of the little fountain and hung their feet in the water
"My ass is fully dilated" whispered Cissy
"And you wanted Derek to fuck you in the ass" said Pam - He would have split me in half
- Hey "Cissy cried  This guy didn't even give us our hundred bucks That dirty old man
- Who cares? - Pam asked - He fucked us both I'm glad you didn't have a heart attack Then we could have explained ourselves
"Those college boys are watching us" said Cissy
Pam looked up There were three students sitting across the fountain looking at the two girls Pam lifted her foot out of the water and patted the fluttering surface like Cissy did when she met Jeff He bet the guys were getting hard so he smiled at them The boys got the message and they came over
They introduced themselves The first two boys were named Dan and Ross The third one was named Mark and before any of them knew it he invited Cissy to his room and Pam didn't really care because Dan and Russ offered to take him for a ride in Dan's pickup
- Let's go - he told me
He knew what he wanted and he didn't want to spend his time playing games He walked down the sidewalk barefoot and on both sides he was escorted by two tall college boys like two bodyguards He also sat in the middle of the van between the two guys who put their arms around him
'I know a good Bushy Park' said the girl
"You know the drill" said Dan kissing him
By the time they got to the park the guys had Pam naked He was kneeling on the floor in front of the kids clutching their tails Both of these guys had thick six-inch tools and they were dripping with lukewarm pre-med Pam wiped them and licked her fingers The two guys were watching him like they didn't believe their eyes
- I wish girls like you went to my high school - Russ said - You ever seen a bitch like that Dan?
Dan was just shaking his head
They parked in an abandoned spot in the woods Crickets chirped in the grass Pam watched the kids undress carefully
'That's very exciting' said Pam to herself
He crawled back between those two naked college kids He took turns kissing them turned his head back and forth and put his tongue in their mouths The two boys gently caressed her breasts
"What a cute little bitch you are" said Dan - And how smooth your skin is
- Like hot silk - Russ added - It's 100% natural
He put his hand between her thighs and he pulled his middle finger through the pussy lips Then he pushed it in and started fingering it
- Whoa - Pam was moaning between the two guys Russ's fingering made him crazy He took these two dicks and he waved his hands up and down like he was pouring liquid out of them
- I'm gonna squirt you if I can't put it in you - Dan moaned He lifted Pam up slid into her place and put her in his lap
Pam hugged the guy She looked him in the eye kissed him stuck his tongue in his mouth and he started slurping her sweet saliva Dan lifted it up again and let it on his stiff prickly cock The girl's vagina got dilated the Acorn slipped into it and she slowly descended down to the base
- Oh yeah - Dan moaned His dick was shaking wildly in Pam's body He held her to him with his strong arms and her breasts pressed against his broad chest The guy kissed her again and Pam started riding her
- Oh yeah - Pam sighed as the big dick slipped through her body He held on to Dan's shoulder and rode with quick long strokes Her boobs kept hitting the guy in the face
- She's a real bitch "Dan cried - Your pussy's tight
Pam laughed She felt so free and happy
- You have a great Dick - it was buzzing - I can feel your balls
Every time he went down on the guy his butt slammed into the boy's sperm-swollen balls which had already been heavily covered in puncinedv
- Ride all you want - Russ sighed with dry Turk He stroked me over Pam's back and then on her butt and at the end he put his middle finger in her ass
- That's it "she hissed Pam; her butthole sucked herself onto Russ's finger"
"I know where I'm going to stick my dick" said Russ He pulled his finger out of Pam's butt and then he climbed up behind me and shoved his dick up her ass In spite of the strange cramped space he managed to penetrate completely
Pam closed her eyes and screamed His thighs trembled wildly and he stood still for the two dicks to fill them up
- Oh Ooh - he moaned very softly
- I can't believe it - Dan moaned  I can feel your dick up his ass Russ I can feel something hard pressing against my dick in there


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