Kimmy Granger Likes it Rough

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Every time I think of that story it makes me smile even after years
My boyfriend and I talked about how when I get off work he's gonna pick me up and we're gonna go out and have a little look around town
I closed the store and got in the car I waited patiently because my son had a very good quality and he never fooled me and we've been together for seven years but he always came when we talked about it So I was able to wait a long time because I was 100% sure that he would come just sliding
But it didn't happen that day and after a while I started to get impatient I called his boss to see what he knew about my boyfriend because his phone was off
The boss told me he didn't have to work this afternoon so my boyfriend went home early this afternoon
I thought about going home or going to see him for a while but then I decided to get in the way
I saw his car in front of the house - it was able and he fell asleep - and I thought to myself and I went in My wife let me in with sleepy eyes at my knock and suddenly I saw she didn't know where she was I walked into the room and I almost fell There's a naked girl lying in bed with a blanket on her
I was suddenly very angry because if my boyfriend had the sense to just say there's nothing wrong I'm just really tired I would have kissed him and ragged my way home but now I'm angry that he let me in and put me in this awkward situation
What was kind of smiling was that my boyfriend sat on the edge of the bed and it was like this situation was absolutely natural and he looked at me with cow eyes and he really explained how they met her invited her out for coffee but it was really hot and they both showered and fell asleep on the bed
He gave me such an innocent face that all I could do was laugh and see his face She didn't say anythingI don't think she knew what to do in this situation but I'm telling you neither do I
Okay I told you I'm gonna go home now and then we'll talk tomorrow and I got up to get going But my son wouldn't let me go so he poured all three of us a drink so I could stay on my ass while I jumped The joke was that me and the girl were in a pretty awkward position but my boyfriend wasn't
I drank the drink in agony and waited for an update
The drink dissolved me a little my posture became more relaxed and I listened to my boyfriend's account which was among other things about how much he talked to the girl about how pretty and sexy I am and how she was practically curious about me she wanted to meet me and since she loves girls she was excited about the idea that the three of us could make love together
At the first moment I was shocked but either by the influence of the drink or my earlier erotic fantasies I became more and more comfortable with the ideaas Gabor stroked my thighs which I enjoyed even in this situation


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