Mofos – Teen needs a dick to distract her

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One Friday night I was coming home from practice When My Love Viki kissed me on the lips that he was running because he was going shopping his girlfriend Nóri was waiting outside I thought to myself " that's a good idea because I'm left out of it who wants to go shopping malls with two women" He said goodbye and I took possession of the bathroom I had some wine some music and I didn't realize the time had passed The next thing I knew I wasn't alone and Viki was home I went out to say hello but to my surprise Nóri came up too and it's a good thing I walked out in a towel and not in nothing I said hello and then they told me they couldn't buy any good clothes so now they're up for a drink of wine I thought it would be all right since the week is over and tomorrow we have nothing to do so why not have a drink?
Then as time passed we talked about everything including our work The girls couldn't outbid each other about who had a worse job and who had a hard time Then someone brought up the fact that there are jobs where the company has its own masseuse so that after a tiring day it can move a little of the rusty limbs of the workers They were dreaming they should have a job like this And then after that many drinks I was all like "Oh my God" and I was like " Oh my God:
 If you want I can give you a massage
I told you all this without any thought planning or ulterior motives it was really just good intentions that made me say it Nori laughed Of course but my dear Viki with her hands spread said:
- Why not?
I was a little surprised about that but then all he said was that since they tried on two dozen dusty dirty clothes in the shops they should take a shower first Then they took possession of the bathroom first Vicki then Nóri Nori even asked my love for a razor and I thought to myself how comfortable she was here
And then by the time everyone was done I had prepared the area a little I laid down our French bed with a clean giant bedspread lit candles and threw a relaxation cd into the player Of course I put on a minimum of mood lighting no paper towels handkerchiefs lotion and baby oil I wore a black sweatshirt with a white T-shirt to create the mood of the massage parlors Then I invited them in
All they had to do was walk into our bedroom in towels ask me to turn around while they lay down on the bed so I couldn't see anything By the time I opened my eyes they were both on their bellies just as far apart as I could get on their knees They really liked the impromptu massage parlor and they got all excited about it They had the towel down to their buttocks and I suppose they were wearing panties and they weren't wearing anything on top but I couldn't see anything of them because they were on their stomach Then I started
I washed their bodies with oil so I caressed one body with my left hand and the other with my right hand I knelt between them turned my face towards their faces They looked at each other and laughed hard as I tickled them We talked the whole time almost in the same mood as we were out in the living room drinking wine Then as they relaxed they began to speak less and less giving themselves to the relaxation music and my hands I massaged them harder and harder and they said " I'm good at it" I went all the way from the neck to the waist but I didn't miss the shoulders arms and legs And then Viki told me she was really hot and she asked me to take off her towel and of course she wanted me to move her butt a little I did
I took off my towel and to my surprise she wasn't wearing any panties Then I resumed my massage and then he reproached me:
- You don't think nóri's hot?
Nori laughed and tried to nod as much as she could with her head turned sideways So I took it off I was looking at two beautiful hotties all naked with shiny oily skin My sweetheart is blond white thick blonde very long hair blue eyes baby face Nori is the same only the other way around Tan brown hair brown eyes Like two Barbies Both girls are muscular athletic wide hips shapely" big "buttocks sort of a" all men's dream " type Vicki doesn't have big tits but what she does have are perfect shape I love them Nori wears fake tits When he was finished with her he sent a picture to Viki which of course he showed me Yeah well we talked about getting one of these
Now back to the massage there lay the two lovelies whose bodies were no longer covered I poured oil into my hands and then I put it on their butts and gently and then I started working on them more and more()


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