Ebony teen first timer


I parked behind his house At the entrance there were tall trees and also high fences so that the spectators could not see I took my camera and climbed up a tree to see something I used one of the trees to climb the wall Fergie was in her garden wearing a silk robe and a pair of fancy sunglasses She went to the sun bed where she took off her robe revealing her beautiful body She was in an orange bikini which was a great highlight of her beautiful curves I grabbed my camera and took some pictures of her beautiful body He rolled over so I could take his famous ass As she lay her body shone in the sun I couldn't take the pictures I wanted to find a better angleso I tried to climb up Suddenly the branch broke so I fell back on the wall and my machine fell into his garden That camera was very importantI had to get it back Fergie heard my plane fall so he got up and started walking towards me I couldn't hide anywhere so I just waited for it to happen I got nervous my hands were shaking
- What the hell are you doing here? - he asked angrily
I couldn't answer Her beautiful body paralyzed completely lost in her huge breasts
- This wall was put here to stop people like you
"I'm sorry I'm really sorry" I replied
He bent down and picked up my plane
- So you're a paparazzi right?
- Well yes but I'm really sorry to disturb you  I was trying to get out of this very uncomfortable situation
He looked at the pictures with a smile on his face I didn't want to leave him
- I suppose you'd like it back wouldn't you? - he asked with a grin
- Yes please But you can just erase the pictures and I promise I won't bother you again
Fergie went back to the shed where the gardener probably left his tools He came back with a ladder against the wall
"Come on climb down" he said
- Thank you very much
I climbed down the ladder while Fergie held it down hard
- I'm so gratefulI'm getting out of here and I won't bother you anymore - I told you
"Wait come in for a drink it's very hot" he replied
"Oh no thank you very much but I think you've done enough" I replied Of course I wanted to go in I was just being respectful
- No I insist "You are my guest now" he said laughing
"Well thank you" I replied
He was walking in front of me so suddenly my eyes were on his shapely ass The view was perfect because I was three or four feet behind him I had so many thoughts I started to fantasize about it I could feel it in my pants I entered his great home and he sat me down in a chair He went to his kitchen to get a drink He sat across from me on another chair I kept looking at her beautiful body Long shapely legs and nice big breasts I was trying to hide my boner in my pants I was really embarrassed because how could I calm down when I'm sitting across from the goddess who's driving me crazy?
- You all right? - yeah - he asked making it clear how nervous I was
"Yes it's just very hot" I replied
He looked down at my cock and then back I wonder if he noticed She sat next to me He put his hand on my thigh and started rubbing it I was going crazy I wanted it so bad
- I'm just really glad to be in your house I was just so nervous My dick was about to roll
'Yes you look so happy' he said with a perky smile
Fergie slipped his hand to my dick Then I moaned softly I was out of my mind There's this amazing singer who caresses my cock I had no idea how to react I'm completely out of control He pulled down my nightshade then my boxer shorts revealing my six-inch cock
"Oh it's so big I haven't had much to do with it" he said stroking it in a circle
I sat back and gave myself to this wonderful feeling you've given me He started licking the end of my dick I could have come right now but I was trying to calm myself down He tried to put all six centimeters in his mouth but at first he only got three-quarters By this time I was calming down and I started moving his head back and forth
"Mmm so naïve" he moaned
"Aaaarrr that's incredible" I said
He let go of my dick and then he came closer and we started kissing It felt fantastic the way we kissed wildly Meanwhile I started massaging her huge breasts He turned off his bikini top freed them Her nipples were getting harder and harder and her face looked like she was enjoying it He grabbed my head and put it on her tits I started sucking on her tits I've never met such perfect breasts Fergie started caressing her pussy


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