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3: 00 pm Friday How could you think you'd find the doctor here at this hour? The waiting room is dead and he's been looking at the color pictures hung on the wall for like ten times:
- "The consequences of dermatitis: before and after treatment"Well after" wasn't very encouraging either Is there anyone else here? The district doctor sent him down here to rheumatism He sprained his shoulder in his last gym class Since then if not very but rather unpleasant he feels dull pain every time he moves Originally he was planning to skip sixth period and afternoon classes His shoulder didn't hurt so bad he couldn't take it But that was a good excuse to hang out and expect to be home by 2: 00
It was September golden sunshine School's only been two weeks and he's already had too much He thought he'd make himself an afternoon off He's going to the lake with his buddies Or that freshman girl who was staring at him at the opening of the school That could be anything You can do that here and you can get your medical certificate and get your freedom
But the waiting room was packed his name's been written down so you can call him anytime However the line was moving much slower than expected And I'm gonna need that certificate You can't get away with hanging out in the afternoon without it And he's going to bury himself with the teacher right at the beginning of the year
"It may be a nerve pinch which must be spared" said the doctor
- Will it go away? - the boy looked back frightened
- How old are you? - did the doctor smile back? - seventy-six?
- No I'm not Sixteen
- Oh boy At this age there's plenty of time for it to go away But it wouldn't hurt to see a specialist Go down a floor young man
That was two hours ago He's been standing in the empty hallway ever since The note on the door says the doctor should still be here He didn't Dare press the doorknob First he knocked softly then he knocked louder No response
The voice was only observed by a cleaning lady at the end of the long corridor:
- Don't step over there it's wet  and then leaving a wet trail he shuffled
But first he rang back over his shoulder:
 The doctor's just gone out he'll be right back And don't rattle because they don't like that
The floor was dry a long time ago but no one came He was alone
- Why did I come here? "I must have some paper that I was here" said he again reaching for the doorknob; " there must be someone here"
It's really quiet this afternoon That's what The Tailor said when he threw away his white coat at noon:
- I don't think we have a patient this afternoon You stay here Annaat least we'll have a good administration I'll come by but I'll check back later ' pulled the door behind him "Look back"? He's giving me a hard time and I won't see him till Monday But it's better this way He worked in this department for six months Six months ago when there were big layoffs he was supposed to be out on the street But then he got lucky What would you do now with a 40-year-old head? Her husband's home her two kids I need the money And The Tailor doctor isn't really such a bad boss He's gonna look back He went to see his girlfriend()


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