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After the bath we took Timi home and we went back to Annika's As soon as I was alone in my room I was thinking about what Uncle Laci said about the relationship between nudity and sex Although naturists claim that naked beaches have nothing to do with sex how hot can you get after a day like this on a nude beach? Not to mention the fact that the two girls especially Timi didn't hide how excited she was about being naked To see what the truth is about this I read on my tablet what the professionals think Wikileaks says that naturists can't make love and expose themselves to the public naked However nudity can cause sexual desire because the sun free air and water excite the senses which is healthy and perfectly natural
I was so turned on by the conversation with Timi and the whole day's experience that even after I fucked Timi I wanted to jerk off that same night So although I was pretty clean from swimming I took a shower before dinner My thoughts swirled around the beautiful naked bodies of Annika Timi and the other women which made my dick hard
At first I just opened the shower and jerked off and then I soapered my groin which made my boner slipperyI didn't miss the boat leaving so I came when the door opened and Annika came in and she was naked as a mother
I washed the soap off and I was wiped clean but my dick was so clear that Annika could see because I was busy
But what he did next really surprised me
He entered the shower stall kissed me and no words grabbed my dick He didn't say a word but it was clear to me that he was on fire from lust
Seriously though it turned out to be when he got down on his knees and put my boner in his mouth
Even though he'd never done it before I could see how incredibly good he can suck His sudden action was a declaration of love
He took my ass from both sides and his head went back and forth like a pump He put his lips on the rising pole and with his tongue he pampered my Acorn
It was a maddening feeling and I was surprised that I did not come at once but that it took almost ten minutes for me to spray his mouth full of strong stab wounds
Annika opened her eyes looked up at me and she swallowed several doses of semen sprayed into her mouth with visible delight And then he licked his lips so he could lick the sperm from both corners of his mouth
"Now it's my turn my dear" I said panting with satisfaction after I put every drop of my testicles in his mouth
- Shall we go to your room?
'No you don't' replied Annika who was so hot with lust that she didn't want to wait any longer
He held his back against the wall and I knelt before him and began to lick him I could feel how fired up he was from the smell of sperm coming out of his vagina and from the lustful covered with shaved labia First I licked her labia and then I put my tongue in the sweet honey pot which was also wary with lust
At first Annika was panting with pleasure but when I went up and sucked in her swollen clitoris her whole body began to writhe with pleasure
Her throat screamed so loud that I was afraid her parents would hear her but then I remembered that we were in the shower upstairs and they were downstairs in the basement kitchen where nothing could be heard
After we were both so fantastically satisfied we hugged together and then we got dry and we got dressed and we went down to dinner together
The next day it rained all day so we didn't go to the beach but I couldn't wait for the evening because Annika's parents had gone away for two days and we were alone in the apartment As the two of us had dinner we went up to Annika's room where at last she had what I had longed for And it wasn't even me who had to rush him As soon as we got to her room Annika hugged me and we wound up in a hot kiss as she began to undress me with trembling hands It made me so excited too that while we were kissing I took off her blouse first and then I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them off()


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