Crazy Anal Sex For Russian Teen


I ran into Ili today at a shopping mall the wife of a colleague of mine who's a colleague of my husband's and she often visits us when they're working on a project together She was up two days ago and I woke up from a headache after sleeping and I heard her talking to my husband about how she's barely had sex with her husband for a year and a half and she really wants to have sex with him and she's slowly winking at women because it's not cheating and she's interested in it anyway Maybe two or three times a month even though my colleague Tibi has been bragging about how many times and how he fucked her
So I spotted Ili from afar and I started following her We've known each other for like seven years and he's about ten years older than me but he still looks hot even with a woman's eye and I don't understand why he's ignoring Tibi He was wearing black boots a suit and a white blouse His hands were full of bags and his coat was on his arm
- Hi - hi - I said hello when I caught up with him He came back with a big smile
- Good shopping Why isn't Tibi helping? - I did
- Ahh He went fishing and took the car - he was furious
- Can I help you? - I asked him pointing to the luggage and waiting for an answer I took some of the luggage from him
 Thanks I think I'm gonna get in trouble on the bus with all this luggage
- I'll drive you home  Of course he accepted my offer and after half an hour we were at his apartment He offered me a cup of coffee for helping him pack up I watched him take the ingredients out of the cupboard stretching out a little bit watching his shapely butt his thin waist I was more interested in the view He reached for a new bag of sugar in the cupboard he couldn't reach for
- Can you help me get this off? - he did because I was about a foot taller and my hands were longer I went up behind him with my right hand but I had to stretch myself so I flinched my left hand over his waist reached up for the sugar and put it in his hand Ili took the sugar and then she looked me in the eye Since he didn't move my hand and I saw him lick his lips a little bit I felt the strength of my hand and I put my right hand on his waist
- I couldn't help but overhear your conversation with Jósi and yes I've been interested in the bisexual world for a long time
Ili looked me right in the eye put the sugar down and she put her arm around my back and pulled me to her that our bodies had touched
We sighed a lot I kissed his earlobe while I held him even tighter And then he whispered in my ear that he wanted me and he started unbuttoning his blouse So I helped her and soon I got rid of the blouse and then the skirt and she took my shirt off and she unbuckled my belt and she pulled down my pants so I was wearing a thong and a bra He got down on his knees and pulled my thong aside and started to excite my red wet vagina with the tip of his tongue and then his teeth on my clitoris In a few minutes it turned me on and I screamed loudly as he licked it sucked it It was a hell of a lot better than it was with Joseph
- I'm about to come - I moaned But then he put his lips to work even harder and he sucked my pussy out loud and he gave me a massage on my ass I came in his mouth with a loud rattle but he wouldn't stop his mouth spilled a mixture of mucus and saliva on his chest and hands He kept rubbing my clitoris with his hands and in just a few minutes I felt ready for action again and stood up with a smile
- Now it's your turn - he told me
Underneath she was just wearing suspenders French panties tights and boots I grabbed her waist and I practically threw her on the kitchen table ripped up her wet lace panties and licked her wet pussy Ili groaned deeply - you don't have to worry come finger me I stood up grabbed him by the hip slightly up on the table and then I put my two middle fingers in and I started working on the battle cunt and my hand was flapping his lower abdomen Ili was moaning loudly her breasts glistening from the mixture of my mucus and saliva which I had also torn off her bra and tossed aside as I was banging her vagina
- Ahhh uhhh that's it fuck fuck Bee his fingers turned white as he grabbed the edge of the table He pushed his boots harder and harder on my thighs - Fuck fuck ooh ooh-ooh-ooh-her body is stretched and coming
When we were done getting dressed we had coffee
- The last time I threw myself like that was when I was 20 it's true for a boy - he told me
- Do you regret it?
- No I've been kind of short on sex lately And you regret it have you ever done it with another woman?
- I don't regret it
- Will you tell Joseph?
 I've never had one before and I'm not bragging about it - I watched him squeeze the coffee cup and my eyes turned to his blouse soaked in mucus and saliva Her pretty big dark red nipples were transparent through the wet blouse material and she noticed I was watching her


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