Vintage 1970s Teen XXX – Wanton Widow


The two main characters in this story are Judit and Lili Judith is married to a 20-year-old woman with a nice body She's got huge breasts great buttocks long muscular thighsHer hair is Greek goddesses mesmerizing with curly bronze red hair
Lili was 45 or 50 years old but she didn't look more than 35 at the beginning of our story Unmarried single living mature beauty Her body is still in its Young form her tiny tender breasts are endearing her waist is slim and elongatedHer butt is round and muscular very hard Her thighs are smooth and tender AArca is also young but the crow's feet are visible in the corner of his eyes His black hair harmonizes with his dark Creole skin
It was also common for them to meet and they lived in the same building of the newly completed lakopark The young woman had already caught her eye on the decorative no longer young but pleasant-looking woman
The first summer Jutka noticed the first strange signs on you Lili lived in the apartment undertuk and the first warm sun rays lured her to the balcony to sunbathe As the balconies could only be seen from above Lili never thought to buy a bathing suit She gave it to herself naked for the pleasure of sunbathing Jutka accidentally went out that morning on their own balcony and saw him His eyes scoured the flawless body and settled on the puncini which was framed with a thin thin shaved hair at the base of the slightly spread thighsTo his astonishment he felt a voluptuous exertion at his wet pussy his clitoris He would have preferred to sneak between the thighs and pamper the dewy cunt with his hot demanding tongue
Before he was completely taken over by this brand-new and alarming feeling he ran into apartment aa Her husband had been away from her quite a lot so she did not notice her state of mind due to new feelings but she did not notice that his wife had been letting maaga see her less and less recently
Then the thoughts of Jutka reached the point where she was looking for the opportunity to meet Lily they became good friends and she fell quietly in love with her
They kept going over and over to talk to each other gossip coffee And then every afternoon they spent an hour or two together
Then at the beginning of his second year Jutka had a huge opportunity Her husband was on leave for five days and was alone at home She knew that Lili would go to her house that day as usualHe put it all on the table and he prepared everything He wore a perfectly transparent silk mini-suit on his flawless body under which he was naked Lily's favorite drink came in and waited for her friend He arrived at what would be known as the usual time She was very sexy wearing a tiny garment of yellow silk and with it a harmonizing little miniskirt The skirt was so beautiful it almost cracked on the body that Judit wanted
On arrival they kissed each other on friendly terms and went to the living room sat down for coffee and Lili dearz's cold drink turned up Jutka filled her glass quite frequently which she had ingested unsuspecting Jutka only carefully consumed jozan wanted to stay in order to implement his plan Lili didn't need too many and rancid eyes to tell she was tipsy Judit joked and asked her friend to dance the tailor but she agreedThere was soft erotic music playing from the speakers and they began to dance with their arms around them
After the third song Judit saw the time coming drawing Lili closer to her and pushing her towards the bulging semblance of her foreheadAs they danced she rubbed her modesty more and more against Lily and her hands gently slipped down to her curious buttocks and gently caressed her His girlfriend's body was stretched but not in protest Alcohol has done a beneficial inhibitory effect Lily's species was resting on her friend's shoulders and kissing her neck gently Judit grew braver and braver and slid her hand under the skirt and immediately flung it into the lovely butt which was left free by the three-strap thong Now Lili has movedHis hand slipped from Judith's shoulder through her breast to the rugged pubic mound and through it to the wet pussy()


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