Brunette Russian Teen Extreme Anal


The next morning we woke up to an alarm clock I had school and my mom had to work We slept naked as a mother in little bun in big bun and last night there were freaks in bed As the clock rang my eyes popped out and my hard-swollen tail felt ready for some seconds
 I can't right now we have to get ready we'll pick this up after work - mom said smiling and gently stroked my face
It was a little chilly in the dim room wearing a silk dressing gown that was almost pierced through his hard-swollen nipples I couldn't take my eyes off herthe memories of the night came to me I wanted to rip his clothes off and start the morning in it I didn't want to intrude so I got out of bed and started getting ready We drank the usual morning coffee together in the kitchen a little speechless and mom added:
- I don't mind last nightit'll be our secret if you want it you can have it tonight
 I can't waitI really wanted you yesterday and now You were very sexy - I answered
My mother does a desk job where I'm required to wear a pretty dress She was wearing a white blouse that got hit by her lace bra a gray miniskirt up to the waist and a dark-colored stocking with high heels I imagined gently lifting her skirt but I had to wait until this afternoon
- Lock the door I'll be back tonight - And he gave me a kiss on the mouth I returned
Not long after that I went to school too I've been thinking about mom all day and I got a boner the second I thought about her I was in history class when I felt my phone vibrate and I got a message from my mom saying " If you go to the store bring milk bread lotion"
I read the list with wide open eyes of course except for the lotion it was no surprise I bought it many times when he got home After school I ran into a drugstore and I was at the shelves wondering which one was the right one I imagined taking mom's body off and choosing the oil guy
I got home early this afternoon I couldn't wait to meet you I took a shower and all I wanted was for him to walk in the door
It was five o'clock when he got home I was in the living room watching TV on the couch
- I'm home everything okay at school? - he asked
 Of course the usual I've been to the store - I answered
- Thank you you're sweet - he answered
He took off his coat shoes and went to wash his hands in the bathroom I couldn't wait to feel his delicate body again
A few minutes later he came out of the bathroom came into the living room stood in front of me pulled up his skirt a little bit and sat on my lap
- I've been waiting all day I want you I want you now - He whispered it in my ear and he put his arm around me and started kissing my neck It turned me onI wished for it with my whole body
I caressed her ass with both hands as we started kissing wildly I could feel my mother's tongue in my mouth and it was circling me faster and faster I reached up her skirt and pulled her up That's when I noticed she wasn't wearing regular stockings she was wearing thigh-highs with a pair of matching black silk French panties It turned me on even more my dick was throbbing like it was rubbing through her panties I was in a lustful state and I lifted her butt a little bit and I pulled down my pants and my underwear I could feel my wet dick caressing my mother's cunt through her panties We just kept kissing each other I unbuttoned her thin blouse her breasts popped out of her bra With one hand she reached down and pulled her panties aside and adjusted my dick I could feel him slipping into his hot pussy easily He flowed in streams of lust his legs trembling
"Oh my god I've missed you and your divine cock" he cried aloud
"I missed you too waiting to come in you" I replied
He started riding me in slow motion while we were undressing each other All she had left was her panties and her thigh-high I sat back on the couch and he put his arm around me She had shapely breasts in my face that I gratefully licked I put his bulging nipples in my mouth sucking them like a lollipop I grabbed his ass with my hands and helped him move I licked one of my fingers and caressed his asshole in circular motion It just turned him on and he started riding me wild A few minutes later he came out screaming His whole body was twitching he fell on my shoulder and he was wheezing loudly
- You're killing me baby you're so good he whispered it in my ear as he moved up and down my dick
"Turn around now I'm working" I replied gently getting off my dick and kneeling on the couch I pulled down her panties and it was soaking wet She opened her legs wide and pushed her ass out His labia were opened open to me his cunt was dripping with divine juice that continued on his thighs I grabbed his ass with both hands and pushed my dick to the ground()


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