RoccoSiffredi French Teen Girl Takes 2 Cocks Casting & Cumshots


Fantasy is good but after a while it won't be enough That's how it was with us I've been with my partner for over 10 years we understand each other well in every way sex is fantastic from the very beginning We always thought good sex was the basis of a good relationship so we tried a lot of things Erotic lingerie accessories various positions my date also likes me to talk to her during sex What I want you to do what I want you to do is make up all kinds of fantasies I can't remember which one of us gave up the idea of bringing in a woman We both knew I wanted to have sex with another woman but I've never had the chance That's how we started looking for a girl my age at first And then we had to figure out how to find a woman and especially one that suits both of us it's really hard So we talked about trying to find a couple To our surprise fate has brought us together with a fantastic couple At first we'd just write and then we'd look at each other through a web camera I mean what we look like if they really are in the pictures And we really liked each other Judith is a very nice 35-year-old woman fashionable shoulder-length blonde hair green eyes she seemed to be really into you I could feel his erotic energy and he loved the different kinds of games Her husband is Gábor a tall sporty thin man with brown hair and blue eyes sort of a masculine handsome 40 He liked me too and he didn't hide the fact that he liked me We talked a lot for a few days wrote a lot and then on Friday they asked if we wanted to meet I was on my monthly break so it just turned into coffee and conversation Since they lived two hours away from us we agreed to go to a coffee shop in one of the small towns They got there first and when I walked in with my husband I saw them looking at us really hard and they liked what they saw We sat down we talked we laughed a lot we questioned each other who likes what how the idea came up how people perceive this thing and how we imagine it all We were just beginners in this field but they've been at some of these parties so we were curious to hear their reports When my partner and I were on our way home we agreed that they were sympathetic that they were compatible that we would play along
We had a date scheduled for a week later at their place The afternoon was full of preparation showers shampoo shaving makeup and lingerie Judith said she was expecting us for dinner so we stood outside her house around 6: 00 I knew then that I was getting tense They invited us in we had dinner we talked we laughed they were trying to lighten the mood But I could see that they were nervous too because they said they'd never been with a couple so young that they liked them so much After dinner we sat down in the living room and that's when I realized what was supposed to happen next I panicked my palms got damp and I started feeling slightly dizzy It was as if the model conservative-raised family mother and the sex-loving curious woman had a falling out about what I should do The others saw my confusion but then Judith stood up and held me in her hand and led me into the bedroom He kindly asked me to lie down and try to relax
He gently rubbed my shoulder and neck He had soft and feminine little hands gently massaging and caressing my back and neck sometimes sticking it in my hair I felt my nervousness subsided and I began to enjoy the pampering A few minutes later I sensed him kissing my neck and then again and since I didn't protest he never stopped I felt the blood rushing through my veins and I sighed loudly Then I turned around and kissed him on the lips Our tongues were just getting to know each other and then we started to kiss each other more and more Both our pulses accelerated and we sighed loudly When I looked up I saw our couples standing at the door looking at us We laughed and kept playing We kissed and slowly undressed each other I couldn't help myself so I took control For a long time I fantasized about another woman being pampered and I finally had the chance I kissed her neck I kissed her cleavage I broke her breasts out of her bra and I took turns licking and sucking on her nipples He enjoyed it very much his low moans filled the room and asked me not to stop Then I slid down stroked her through her panties and I could feel it very wet At first I just pulled him aside and licked him around and then I gently touched his swollen clitoris with my tongue He moaned up loud and I could see on our couples that they were drinking the sight of me pampering Judith I quickly broke her out of her panties and started licking her At first I just gently circled her clitoris and then I started speeding up()


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