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My wife's niece gave birth to a beautiful little girl for her husband who then left her and her daughter without looking back
Since she didn't remarry little Kinga didn't have a father
Only the mother saw a man in the family in shorter and longer relationships
Because of this disorder we used to take care of him when he was little
Since I'm not a very social person I often have to take care of Kinga while my wife and her cousin go out I put them in quotation marks because I don't want to denigrate them
These were more social occasions with friends acquaintances and not drinks or dancing
And I didn't really miss the whole week of running and working not even resting on my Friday and Saturday nights so I decided to take charge of Kinga
I used to read he used to play he used to watch TV we used to play board games but basically I had a lot of time to relax
That's one or two times a month you could handle
Until sixth grade That's when his hormones started popping out
But it wasn't just her body that gradually changed it was her Of course it's only natural because it's the natural order of things
But that's when King started showing signs that he didn't have a dad or even a man in the family he could look up to he could have relied on
Of course his thinking and character became more and more mature so we regularly talked about more serious things while the older girls my partner and Kinga's mother spent time in adult company
I'm not saying I was his father because that's not true I was simply the man he could ask questions about things he might not have dared or wanted to ask others
To the best of my knowledge I answered his questions and even read books on teenagers because I wanted to help him as much as I could since his life had turned out this way
But at first I didn't attach any importance to some of his things but in time I had to
At first I did not notice that he caressed me put his arms around me - it even felt good as he showed that not only conversations but also as a teenager he began to accept me and like me even though I was only related to him
But then these touchings random and deliberate became more frequent and more targeted
By the time she was a freshman in high school she was gonna be a knockout - she had the best genes
Long thighs flat belly hard round bottoms (ran swam biked aerobics and everything you can) And her breasts
A long time ago they wouldn't have quoted the little 12-year-old they would have honored an adult mature woman
They weren't that big but there wasn't a guy around her who didn't talk to her boobs the most instead of looking her in the eye
They were tough tight so tight she didn't even wear a bra I found myself forgetting my eyes on her breasts a lot
However I was beginning to feel uncomfortable because of more and more provocative or random physical contact
You couldn't help but notice what you were up to
I didn't want to rat him out to his mother and my wife because if he denies it they'll think I'm an idiot and if he's offended he might even say the opposite
At that time I tried to avoid taking care of her - of course that was not necessary but she had been pretending to be terrified at home alone for years even though she was a big girl Sexual assaults in the city harassment that's exactly what he was after
So I wasn't looking out for her in a classical sense but she came to us when her mother was away for a long time whether for work or rest or relaxation My wife was in the same situation as her niece - traveled a lot And to have fun like I said before most of the time they were together
Of course they called Kinga now but he got rid of them he couldn't He always had an excuse or an excuse
So it's usually on my neck And if the girls were away on a work thing she "happy"me for days
Even though my wife was out of the house a lot I wasn't hungry for sex I used to take a lot of chances to make sure my wife didn't come home Colleagues neighbors casual acquaintances When he was freaking out Nevertheless I couldn't see Kinga as a possible sex partner for a while
I've known him since he was a little girlwe've been together a lot
But these constant attempts of yours have been killing me
I was freaked out because she was becoming more and more a woman and the process was slowly getting better - the little girl became a knockout who I was playing board games with not so long ago


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