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I had to change jobs when I was 27 I was a little hurt but after the initial difficulties I realized how good my destiny had been Friendly and helpful staff new and exciting challenges and a majestic environment This is roughly the way to describe the IT branch operated in a 100-year lease
The school year was not yet over and my colleagues and I liked to take a short break on the small balcony of the street corner building which was probably once built as an entrance from which we could enjoy a great ride across the narrow street of the dormitories The truth is they were too young too fresh and unavailable but in admiring them we quickly aroused our dirty imagination Personally I was more interested in the entrance to the Accounting Office 30 meters away from which beautiful elegantly dressed ladies went out to smoke on the street One of them was a blonde with slightly wavy hair who always appeared in a fashionable fitting suit and high heels At least 40 but much nicer to my soul and if he smoked in the Sun I never took my eyes off him I didn't have mommy issues it was just aesthetic experience Every inch of her is as fine as possible always in pretty clothes feminine and exceptionally charming It's almost perfect for a man The relationship between the accountants and my colleagues has exhausted itself If we'd passed each other we wouldn't have been able to say hello to all the people in town we didn't know and it would have been polite In the big city unfortunately that's natural in many places So there was the glare and for weeks following the example of my colleagues the impersonal distance was accompanied by an unpleasant sense of absence
It went on until the new girl showed up He didn't even smoke he could just follow the others around for a little tan talk But he did give me a little surprise Despite the distance his stout figure and his special body stood out The fact that he was taller than the others that's not a problem but in addition to his proportional torso his hips reminded me of a woman's figure drawn on the toilets I know it's a stupid metaphor but this girl could have been the most expressive image of the fertility statue Her breasts did not bulge very much but the sight of her round buttocks and her muscular thighs made up for this slight defect Thus from a distance the girl was struck by an interesting warmth though I had not yet seen the little details the features the mimics My colleagues laughed at me as I was turned on by the sight of her at first sight
After that he didn't show up for days even though I definitely only went out on the balcony several times hoping to catch a glimpse of him even for a short time It was only after a few days that I finally noticed that he was passing the building at eight o'clock in the morning on his way to work I would not have missed the opportunity and I stood on the little balcony with excitement to see the woman who walked by me The little jumper had the advantage of being less than three feet above the curb It was almost as if I had passed her
I didn't have to be disappointedI liked it better up close His elongated complexion was a little severe but his eyes were dark brown His light brown hair was thick braided on one side hanging from his left shoulder to his chest It looked good on the Red-Cube shirt It was a little unorthodox but it was cute The high forehead and the fine face were slightly highlighted with thin black eyebrows and Silk-colored lipstick I admired it and if I'd just liked it I was shaking I wished so much for him to see me but he could march with incredible indifference A little defiant or rather proud he kept his nose high to make it seem more dignified She passed me like I wasn't there or she just deliberately didn't waste her eyes on me The only consolation I had left was to get a good look at him from behind
His yellow transparent thin fabric pants are wonderfully strained on his not-so-fat but ideal buttocks Beneath it the black thong had awakened the animal far and wide but instead of turning me on I felt sad instead She suggested the appearance of inaccessibility with her appearance and her purposely looking the other way Plus he passed our 4-foot cleaning lady and that's when I saw the real difference I used to think that she stood out among other women but I was proud to say so myself He on the other hand fit in with a pair of sandals
Where did my interest in Tall Women come from? I don't know I just like them better than the ground floor people I used to have a girl when I was a kid that I secretly adored but I never dared to speak to her()


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