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I will never forget that day 11082011 On this day my life as a regular loser changed in one fell swoop I'll never know the reason but I don't really care about the reasons just the end result
I could say I lived the average 18-year-old life but that's not true because I was a loser He's a real jerk no girlfriend no friends no history just tv video and a computer Sex like that wasn't a part of my life because there was no one else I lived in a broken family maybe that's why I was different from the others because I didn't have a father and unfortunately he died when I was little so I didn't have a model If the booty call was too strong I would go to my room and masturbate while watching porn videos on the computer
I lived with my mother and sisters in the Garden House of a country town My father was not a woman in the House I can't say my mother didn't love me but the fact is she cared about my sisters a lot more than she cared about me and if there was any trouble they were always right in the end After a while it was humiliating but I couldn't help it or I could Like all the boys I used to watch them take a bath and that's how I knew what a real woman's body was I came a lot while I was peeping but luckily I was never caught and I was always very careful because a cover-up would have been fatal One time while I was watching my mother it was different than what I was used to My mom cleaned up after the bath but she didn't go to get her clothes she opened a box I wanted to get away from the door before he caught me but I was interested so I took my chances It was worth it Inside the box was a little banana-like thing My mom sat on a shelf on the edge of the tub and put some jelly on it and then she put one foot on the washing machine He's never spread his legs apart turning to the door and that's the first time I've ever seen his pussy fully open He was hairy but with his legs spread out in the middle you could see anything a boy might be interested in What happened next was beyond my imagination With one hand he began to caress his right breast and lift it to his mouth which he kissed and with the other hand he began to caress his vagina
I just recovered from my precaution never being caught peeping He didn't even know I was watching or I could hear When he went to take a bath I apparently sat in front of the computer and started a movie he thought I was watching a movie and I was wearing my headphones
So he felt completely safe and unscrupulous about masturbating At first she was quiet stroking and kissing her tits and nipples as she put her beautiful womanly breasts in her mouth and started sucking on the nipple and licking it that was quite impressive And then he started to pet his pussy more and more
In the meantime I have to admit I came out of the sight I woke up early and grabbed my cell phone and turned on the camera Holding the lens of his cell phone camera to the Keyhole was a bit tricky to get a good shot Unfortunately the excitement was killing me but there were other good pictures of her kissing her breasts or caressing her pussy I will never forget the lustful sighs and the little moans I heard from the first woman's throat
After a few minutes he'd rather be stroking his pussy and his ass and all of a sudden he'd stick one of his fingers in his pussy with a big sigh And then I thought I was busted for saying my name My blood stopped my mother killed me I couldn't move I had all sorts of thoughts running through my mind but I knew I wouldn't be able to give my mother any reasonable explanation if she asked me what I was doing outside the door with a cell phone in my hand half-pants down and a standing cock Fortunately it only lasted for a moment because he said My name again and added Why I had to die That's when I realized he wasn't calling me he was calling my father I was about to have a heart attack at the door and if I didn't find out you were thinking about my dad I'd die with my dick standing there watching my mom
He was getting more dynamically fingered not only by tickling the entrance but by pressing his finger deeper and deeper into himself I saw some kind of altered state of mind It was completely different from the actresses of the porn on the computer Somehow the images I'd seen up until now have become so clumsy and so alien to me Right here right in front of me three steps away it was very different in person to experience the thrill of a woman the hunger of sex and to see that she really wants to be satisfied It crossed my mind that I was going to come in and bust my dick all the way down to her desirable vagina I could almost feel myself coming into the wet hairy pussy after a couple of pressure It didn't take much time just a moment to get back to reality and think about it again()


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