Blonde Teen’s First Anal


I was attracted to Zsófi from the beginning but it was only then that I realized how I really felt about him after I broke up with my boyfriend and left the world for a few weeks
Well you could say no to him when instead of going out with the girls he wanted to cheer me up with two bottles of Red Champagne and that cute smile?
We were in our mid-20s but it's nice if he looked 18 and his voice was as cute as a 14 - year-old girl's On one of those Friday nights and / or Saturday nights that he spent at my house I couldn't give a shit about that stuck-up asshole that I used to call my love
Strange tranquility intimacy passed near Zsófi I should have felt depressed but I was more excited about what it would be like to be naked
I wonder what he'd say if I looked him in the eye and said " I want you"
Ever since she didn't have a boyfriend she used to look at me like she was trying to make out with me but I didn't want to make out with her because I didn't want to get into an awkward situation Oh my god this is so cool We women kind of feel that way about each other It's in the air There are tiny signs tiny movements that you cut off instantly Your body language your eyes it betrays you
I'm not saying that bisexual women can sense each other from across the street but when it comes to two bisexual women who are attracted to each other they can't help but notice over time because when you're in the company of someone you like you get free and it's almost impossible to consciously control such involuntary gestures like the way you touch them when you talk or just the way you look at them in a moment of self - indulgence No matter what the mouth says you can feel the vibe of a girlfriend when you don't just come in as a friend even if she's trying to hide it When a face appears reading these lines I encourage you my dear reader to step into the field of action
On a sunny spring Saturday morning we felt like hiking in the nearby forest I love the end of April the beginning of May when nature blooms again and when the sun shines it's hot enough to walk in a T-shirt We followed the dirt road
Through the forest out into the field from which the rural plain lies on the opposite edge of the horizon not far to the left of Budapest and to the right the peaks of the mountain that I have forgotten every time since childhood
We went that way We walked as far as we could if anyone crossed the dirt road we wouldn't be disturbed by chance It was so bad that after we put the blanket down and sat down we could barely see the landscape above it
It's been a while Just the two of us looking at the world from a distance slapping it around a little then coming back to life with new power
We lay down on the blanket and talked to the sky
Watching the clouds slowly change their shape in the air
As Zsofi turned aside and stretched out for his backpack I could see from the corner of my eye his tight top sliding up his waist and his beautiful brown skin glistening
Given the temptation I glanced at it She was wearing those pink lace panties she bought with me a few days before I wanted to touch him from behind and hold his chest and kiss the edge of his mouth
It was like he was messing with the zipper on purpose because half an hour before I put the mineral water in it and then it was sliding like a finger into my pants when I thought about it at night
It was as if she could feel me looking at her and maybe her pink lace panties I thought were sexy didn't just happen to show up under her shorts I reached under my miniskirt and rubbed my pussy through my panties before she turned around
- You want some water?
- Yeah - I put my head between those desirable thighs and smelled her pussy I know we women are more discreet but I'm an honest woman and I'll tell you the secret: all I ever wanted was to kiss each other passionately
"I remember" said Zsofi " when I was a little girl when I was helping my grandfather out in the garden I told him that when I grew up I would take a helicopter up to a cloud to walk on it
- That's cute - I smiled - What did he say?
- He laughed and told me to wave at him - he smiled
- He sounds great
- Yeah - yeah
- I'm on that cloud right now All I have to do is imagine myself
Zsofi with his hands under his head turned to me and lay on his side
- So are you feeling better now? - he asked I turned to him too  I didn't want to say it so openly to your face but I could tell Viktor was a manipulative bastard that's the second time I've found myself looking at her lips - I'm sorry to say it but it's the truth - Zsófi's blue eyes came to life on their own and wandered towards my mouth()


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