Teen sex (1)


My homosexuality manifested itself to me quite early on I'm one of those people who likes being a girl I had my first experience when I was 12 After that I found out very late when I was 22 that one of the best places for homosexuals is Budapest steam baths I decided to visit one of them I went to the Gellért Spa the other afternoon I got an apron at the entrance of the steam bath As I was walking to the dressing room I saw that this is usually the only apron on the guests some in swimming trunks and some of them are completely naked
Since I'm not shy at all and like being naked I decided to join the naked ones I went from the dressing room to the shower where there was no one I took a shower and went to the pools There are two pools here one warmer and one colder When I walked in almost all eyes were on me I went into the warmer pool and sat on the edge I was immediately approached by some people but they were all quite old and most of them were fat and I didn't want to be in any kind of relationship with any of them About 15 minutes later a pretty boy in his 30s showed up When he came in and looked around he saw me She was wearing that certain apron so I couldn't see the point but her butt was uncovered and very beautiful He wasn't a muscular guy he had an average thin attractive body Short brown hair slightly hairy chest
He must have noticed how much I was staring at him and he was coming towards meHe sat down next to me about five feet away pulled his apron sideways and started fiddling with his tail He didn't have to bother muchhe got a good boner He was an average-sized penis but his acorn was unusually large The hair I saw across the water was cut short I couldn't resist the sight of a prancing dick for long I slid over to him and slowly without saying a word When I had my hand on his thigh he took his own hand almost offered me the cock I didn't think much of it so I grabbed his penis and slowly started pulling it And then I reached into his bag and I started gently grabbing his testicles His bag was completely shaved Then back to the stone-hard penis again I knew this adventure was never gonna end when I touched her In the meantime I threw my right foot through his left leg so we could get closer together What was particularly exciting was that I did all this with a complete stranger without even having a word with him()


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