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The building is cube-shapeda large cube and in it there are many smaller columns diverse Some of the logs have been sealed with vines Gutters up there walkways and beds down here Flat roof above it is the deep blue sky the Green of windy trees above the Brick Road further away Across the street shops antiques but in 1996 I bought an AKAI-brand tape recorder here It was a happy year though with the Bush and Horn mumbling The profit of our transaction was paid by the payment of the purchase price of the dealer's car It was a drop in a bottomless bucket
This is about the library He visited though lying next to a cemetery and certain bizarre events are regularly repeated in his wider surroundings Urban wiseguys sometimes call for the edges of the dice to be rounded and they raise their voice against the corners Librarians released from universities have pimples in their mouths There were not many and even fewer Call Centers starve their oral sensitivity
Old men are old men Half an hour is the price of a diaper
'Things have been better since the ceiling was raised' whispered the middle - aged librarian to a curious visitor He's the last guest in the library except for that dumb-ass in the back The Oaf has short hair and serious blue eyes and the librarian's eyes caught on him for some reason He brought her a book and their hands touched Look up in the scattered light and there was desire in it In his lap there was a shiver and an awkward tenderness but he managed to avoid the blush of his face
Soft neon buzzing little windows half-dim - It's easier to clean and cost-effective You know this place is hard to heat anyway I always shudder in the winter Jani the janitor says it might not have been such a good idea to put these covers on He says there's something stuck up there and he can't sleep when the snow falls
The librarian shuts up and then blinks Iris yellow stain
- I hear it sometimes He's so naughty The way he walks
The nosy guest moves quickly his feet are marked by Invisible rainbows The camera turns wriggling through the high shelves crumbling from fine mechanical devices to recipe collections and Superville's poems and the ten megapixels are laid out in the dilute Hall of the reading room In the mathematical trap of frigid rays of reading lamps he sits sitting over a Brockhouse lexicon K Pred He's very very focused making the cameraman smile sour
K Pred's friends at a protest or at the pub for a beer Housewives serve dinner around this time In the streets the autumn wind is chasing leaves the news is giving bad news Uncle Géza gets all bent out of shape when he's covering the beans Q It does not affect the predecessor he does not care for the impatient librarian's nerves though in the back of his brain there is a sporadic sexual stimulus for him He's just reading I mean he's dreaming
 Niederschlesien  he mumbles and pulls his index finger over the smooth free-of-wood tab Stadt an der Oder Grünberg Glogau Steinau Breslau
The cameraman wishes See there's no material in this He wraps up the camera and slips out through an air vent
Over there the librarian's got her elbow impatiently To his bitterest despair a cloud of vapours still falls through the door with the eyes of Kerepesi the city beef the puffy egg and his scruffy leather coat She is terrified to see Christopher Lash the culture of narcissim in Pisti Oh god no I don't need this right now
- Ildiko - he's screaming - I'm really glad to see youit's been a while guess what I'm reading
- Hello Pisti we're closing and
Q You can barely hear this She's got a nice ass The Oder is ringing in his ears Northwest the Baltic Sea towards Stettin an age when it is not a border river when Kostrzyn Küstrin Szczecin Stettin
 Well America's still vexing depression so I figured out where it came from O deities brighter than the sun and yet so few
And the eyes go on like the moon in summer the east through the Valley of Warthe the endless plains of East Pomerania the carefree faces of children bathing on the Kolberg beach and the Danzig crane The towers of Bromberg and Thorn and the wandering sand hills of the turbulent Baltic wind and beyond Weichsel the Thousand Lakes of ancient Prussian land and the Frische Haff and kurische Haf Pillau Baltisk so many villages so many cities Elming Braunsberg wehlau were both German and German It's an unpleasant appearance
- yeah anyway the bicentennial that went bad Because when was America 200 years old? Ildiko what do you think?


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