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I've been driving my van for several hours I picked up hitchhikers twice but they were all in pairs (boy - girl) so I didn't care I need girls or girls Right now I'm traveling alone in my car which is a masterpiece I've been working on it a lot Front seats are completely separated from the rear
There are two rows of seats in the back for a total of six people You can only get into the rear seats on the side through a sliding door The door can be opened from the outside and from the inside but only until I press a button under the dashboard because then it can only be opened from the outside The back of my van is perfectly shielded like a Farraday cage There's no way cell phones work here It took me months to get it right The car has a window at the back and at the side with two layers of reflective film and these windows can only be seen The cab is also hermetically sealed from the passenger compartment by a window which can be covered by a curtain from the cab
Well that's the kind of car I was going hunting for a beautiful girl or two Of course the house I want to take them to is well prepared Completely underbelly perfectly shielded like the van Even the soundproofing here is great I tried it by firing it into the shell casing and using cameras to see when it would explode when that happened the silliest noise would not come out of it The whole basement and garage is full of hidden cameras and microphones It just cost me more than four million forints Not to mention the cost of remodeling the car I tell myself that for that kind of money I deserve to be forced to keep a girl or two with me and then I can do whatever I want My preparatory work includes two more German shepherd males trained as killers They look after the house in the backyard but when I get there and pull into the garage they'll be there right away so they can secure my dominance when I open the side of the van
I'm playing content on the dashboard turning the rear lock on and off when two very beautiful girls are waving I'll stop get out and open the side door I'll ask them where they're going and I'll ask them where they're going Of course I'm gonna tell them both that they need to sit in the back because the right front seat is broken They say at the same time that they didn't want to travel separately By the time I get to the wheel they're already in the front row with their seat belts on The young girl put her backpack on the empty chair next to them The other one has just a little handbag he keeps on his lap As soon as I leave I'm gonna turn on the back mic so I can hear what they're talking about From then on my radio is not the musicit is the voice of these two beautiful girls They're very similar their voices are almost identical they must be brothers As I listen to them I get more excited waiting can hardly help myself I've decided to carry out my plan now and kidnap these girls whatever happens
Half an hour to my house and I will listen with all my heart to what you're talking about It's almost the younger one talking always scolding his father
- Be more tolerant of your fatherif he doesn't work so much we could starve to death - Says the elder
Now that's a line I picked up on which means they're not brothers A later phrase from the younger one revealed everything about the relationship between the two women
 I felt so sorry for you the other day Mom I cried
Wow what a catchI never dreamed of that This girl's mother is so beautiful she hardly looks two or three years older
But now focus Another 500 meters and I have to get off the main road from there to the Lightning more than two kilometers If they notice they'll be worried I'm such an idiot if I go into the locked garage with them they'll get even more restless not to mention the sight of two dogs Well I just took a turn so far nothing I'm only a few hundred yards from the finish line when she says that:
- Hey Mom where's this guy taking us?
- Oh my god - His mother pops up and starts banging on the cab window
At this moment I turn to the garden gate and press the gate remote control In the back they both pull out their cell phones almost at the same time and they're furious because of course it doesn't work for either of them The girl and her mother both pull the side door together which of course won't move I think they must be really scared now
Meanwhile the garden gate is closing behind us and I'm descending to the garage under the House As soon as the garage door opens the two dogs come running in The engine's already turned off at the top of the slope so there won't be any exhaust in the garage I'm gonna roll in Nice and quiet I waited for the garage door to close and I got out of the car I waved the two dogs over and I snapped their fingers and they both started barking like crazy()


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