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The story happened on a nice August day The downside of this day was that I was lying in a hospital four days after an appendectomy Yeah well it's unpleasant but it can be helped
One afternoon my friend came in to visit and her visit passed through visiting hours so the hospital was running out of people Because I was still so fucked up I only got up when I really had to ("Need to go to the bathroom "means" need to go to the bathroom" So I didn't have the strength to wash So my dear friend offered to wash you I had a sponge there so he did it He started to clean me up That's what turned me on and I could tell he was enjoying it He washed my chest my back and asked if anyone else should be washed Well I said I should but I can't be a pretty sight up there right now Of course he said he didn't care So he pulled my boxers off me so he could wash me there At first he just looked First the wound then my shaved-off tool He liked it he never saw it like it was new to him The way he looked at me I had a question: why the hell am I nailed to a bed? And he started washing me like he promised I guess everybody knows or knows what happens My dick started swelling and it wouldn't stop when he stopped washing He quickly pulled his boxer shorts back on me and sat down next to me And I said " no" He said I couldn't Then I asked him to give me a kiss We've done this before in a waiting roomhe took my dick for a bet Even then he gave me a kiss without much persuasion My dick got bigger It was throbbing and my brain exploded And he stopped I told my girlfriend to keep going But he didn't want to and he argued about what if they came in I told him they wouldn't work of course I wasn't convinced but if he didn't do it I'd go crazy So you got him to do it Slowly gently pulled the boxer down He took my hard dick in his hand and kissed it but he was watching the door Then he tasted the tool with his tongue He loves to do it so he started forgetting about the door and getting more and more comfortable He seemed to enjoy it it's exciting He was holding my dick in two hands holding it around with his mouth and his head kept going up and down And I held his head so he could suck it even more He almost had my whole dick in his mouth And he started twirling his neck and entertaining my ACORN with his tongue And while I was grabbing her ass I was wringing the sheets with the other hand and she was so good at it Suddenly it went to a higher speed and my hard-ass dick just popped in its mouth()


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