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It was two weeks ago surprisingly at our place where no one ever sets foot especially not boys
Interesting because the day before that we stayed in class and that's what we talked about Who dares who Of course after a while they realized that I wasn't worth teasing that I was taking on too much and almost anyone I was actually glad when I got pulled over with things that I didn't dare kiss this and this Oh come on man Me? There was this guy Adam who I really wanted to make out with but he wasn't a pain in the ass I said Never mind
The next day under the influence of the day before I was in the bathtub wondering Who The Idiot was to make out with me on his own and I laughed in my head nobody I was putting foam on my body and I was immersed in the water when the bell rang
"For fuck's sake this is just in time"I wrapped myself in a towel and seeing that it covered almost nothing I threw on a bathrobe I went outside to answer the door and I yelled at the head of the idiot who came in at 2: 00 I was dripping water and in the doorway were my dear dear classmates two boys
One Adam I wanted to kiss the other Loran I was very close to
- Hey what the hell are you doing here? And how the hell did you find this place anyway?
- Hey how nice of you
- As you can see I took a bath
He raised his eyebrows and smirked with an ambiguous grin Three days ago he tried to finger me and try to kiss my ass so I had reason to misunderstand And after what he said I had no doubt:
 I got Adam to make out with you What do you say?
- Why do I think there's gonna be a price to pay?
- Because you will
I raised my eyebrows this time Maybe I was ambiguous too In any case lorán gave a clear answer
- You don't have to kiss me if you don't want to
- You know I want to try it with him
Adam stood still now he interfered:
- My opinion doesn't matter
"I knew it or it would not have been possible to bring him here" I replied
- How do you know that? "he asked and I knew from his voice that he had communicated his intention to her"
- Mother What are the terms?
- Finger-licking licking I always do
- For a [bleep] kiss?
- But with whom think about it
- I guess I don't have much of a choice
- I don't think so - Adam and his usual redneck
I was starting to forget I was all wet and wearing a towel and a cape Horran was already on fire
 So do you want the kiss or not?
- Come on in  I needed the kiss because I was really curious
They came in and Adam took me down without further ado He was a hell of a kisser he had a long tongue and I'm sure he handled it For a minute there I remembered how he got Loran to do this but I remembered that he didn't just want to do petting with me he probably wants to do it with Adam Why I don't understand
His tongue was still in my mouth when I felt I was wearing only my towel which was nothing or perhaps not even that And I could feel the hand on my back as it slowly glided down my buttocks my thighs Adam still wouldn't stop but he started to take the rest of me off and I was standing naked between two boys one long desired the other convinced but now they were both horny I could feel his hard-on standing in front of me I gradually took off his shirt and pants I was driven by desire Meanwhile they pushed me into the bathroom undetected He whispered in my ear
- What you don't want to strip me?
His sweet voice drove me wild I caught him from Adam's lips and I turned around with all my energy and kissed Ákos My tongue danced wildly in her mouth and I tore her dress like a madman
"She can if she wants" said Adam
Loran freed himself for a minute
- You bet It'll tear us apart in the end
There was nothing on the horse tool about 5 '2" hard and stiff Adam grabbed my breasts from behind and I screamed softly for a moment I forgot he was there He started kissing my neck touching my horse's butt at a good pace and kissing me violently That's when I realized the bathtub was full I carefully backed over there and as I waited Adam stepped unwittingly into the water Then I turned to Ákos who couldn't really stop and I could see he was waiting a little longer and fingering me
- Listen to me honey You're just gonna sit here and watch this
His long eyes were a surprise but he nodded I crawled into the tub next to Adam and started kissing on the way down The boy didn't want to let you out of his mouth but he had to And I reached his dick I didn't really care what the reaction was gonna beI took it gently and the guy moaned up in a voice full of joy I sucked I kissed I let it out of my mouth and I nodded at max()


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