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I went down to the quarry recently as usual It was quite hot and I came here to bathe and sunbathe if I could because I didn't even need a bathing suit Don't think I'm an exhibitionist but everyone who went here was a nudist At the lake especially the Peeping Tom wearing bathing suits was inappropriate
Because of the heat all I had on was a pair of boxers a shirt and flip-flops so I threw everything off in two minutes and I fell down on the floaty towel There wasn't a soul near me just a few feet away an empty towel on the floor Having seen no one approach from the water and from the other side a High Hedge protected me I took the liberty of touching my scrotum with one hand and caressing my dick with the other Soon it was apparent that he was getting hard from the caress
I like to play with my dick like this: first I smooth the hard rod then I gently put my Acorn between my thumb and index finger which is not surrounded by foreskin for I am circumcised With my index finger I rub and rub the top of the Acorn's semen hole After a short rub my cock was filled with blood and it lay thick on its side so that I could caress my scrotum comfortably My testicles were full and tight and while I was caressing them I imagined they were being spat out through the semen hole between the thighs of a beautiful sex bomb or perhaps in her mouth
I spent some time at that thought but I also remembered when I woke up the night before and my dick was hard My testicles were aching from lust so in the pitch dark of night I went out to the balcony stark nakedand I began to drink It didn't take much because soon I felt my lower body filled with pleasure and the semen spurted out of me - right down the sidewalk It was a wonderful orgasm - just the thought of being naked on the balcony in a warm night and being seen by anyone It was fun to imagine a woman watching from behind one of the dark windows of the house across the street and the sight of it makes her masturbate
But I didn't have to worry about it here on the lake After the caressing of my penis had grown quite respectable and stood like a spear I began to beat it with loose wrist movements I lay with my eyes closed on the bath mat and my fantasy had these amazing sex scenes especially with the beautiful Victoria who was two over me in the fourth grade in high school and I was madly in love with her After a few minutes unfortunately I had to stop reissuing because I heard a noise coming from the water I was aware with my eyes closed that someone was coming out of the water I left my hand on my dick and looked up carefully The" someone " was a well-shaped broad-hips 35-40-year-old woman with beautiful breasts and she was headed for a towel that was just down the road from me
"Whoa That's something- I thought I was excited The woman who settled a few feet from me deserved the thrill: she was a woman with a woman's body and a very nice ass with tight thighs In some cases they had some cellulite but they had hard athletic thighs that went into beautifully shaped knees Sporty feet are muscular yet graceful He had an erotic charm in his feet and on his long toes he painted his nails red A hair-thin gold chain around his left ankle It was fantastic I loved those beautiful legs anyway It may be perverse but these naked feet have got me all horny
After having carefully examined his lower body in a matter of seconds I could turn my attention to his desirable upper body Although she was no longer young I thought she was my mother's age she was conspicuous well - formed round but not hanging at all and her nipples rising up in the middle of the Big Bud yard "But I could suck these"I thought to myself
His neck was perfect for my taste He had a few wrinkles on him but he wasn't fat at all he was slender And her face was so beautiful it made my blood boil
By his age he was about 35 or 40 Her pretty face was covered with medium-long reddish-brown hair His expression like his whole body radiated vividness and sensuality
He got out of the water and ran up to the towel he'd laid down Her beautiful breasts swung up and down as she ran When he got there he carefully wiped himself and sat down I wasn't far from him but he ignored mehe took out a newspaper from his gym bag and started reading with his back to me
So it was like an hour and I was swimming taking a nap reading Meanwhile I watched the woman who after reading the paper lay on her back and began to sunbathe Maybe he fell asleep because he was lying there with his eyes closed His womanly luscious body was a most seductive sight()


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