BFFS – Sexy Teens Fuck Compete For Cock


The first snowball landed on Jennifer's face Lawrence threw this She was still gasping for air when Trent's throw hit her in the face and it hit her in the mouth and the White blast blinded her She spat out the snow rubbed it out of her eyes and chased her boyfriend Trent started running but he tripped and fell knee-deep in snow
- You bastard - she hit him then pushed him into the snow The guy took him down with him rolled around in the whiteness
- No swearing baby - he was teasing her - What would the father say about all this?
"Well that you deserved it" she replied
Kimmie screamed next to them She was about to attack Lawrence but he grabbed her and put her on the snow and then lay on her with a laughing red face
- You're so mean - she said but he just laughed:
- That's why you love me
"Behold" said Jennifer " a man who can control his girl"
Trent threw himself at her and wrestled a little in the snow and she ended up on top and she gave him a kiss on the guy's mouth
- See? - he asked and his breath appeared in the cold - That's why I'm in charge
- Really? - yeah - the guy stroked me across the girl's face with a smile on his face - We'll see about that
* * * *
Two hours later they were warm by the fire dry clothes sipping Jennifer's drink The stereo said Andy Williams the room was decorated with thick gold ribbons There was mistletoe hanging from the beams
"This is a splendid place" said Kimmie stretching  And your eggnog is amazing We should take this cabin out every Christmas - he fell into Lawrence's arms
- We could come here next year have a honeymoon - your fiancé suggested it
"Yes and since we are all going to be married" added Jennifer " no one in the church will disapprove of us coming up to the lake in the four of us"
"My parents think the boys fall for each other" said Kimmie
Guys looked at each other with frowny faces
- Come on Lawrence is it too hot? - Kimmie was teasing her boyfriend Jennifer hugged Trent
'Tell them about your eggnog' said Trent and they both smiled
- What do we know about him? "Kimmie asked with open eyes
"A family secret" said Jennifer - It's a dark secret My grandmother gave it to me when I was 21
Kimmie and Lawrence took a big sip of that drink and watched the story tense
 The recipe came from my mother's family all the way from Sarah Lewis who lived in Massachusetts around 1750 The secret recipe passed from generation to generation but when my great-grandmother started selling the potion she was driven out of town That's how they got West - the others were interested so he told the rest of the story - It's not just eggnog There are properties
- What qualities? - Kimmie was curious
 Grandma says it's more like poison It reanimates people's secret desires Limitless  he was getting warmed up even though he thought it was stupid  They say the whole little town where my great-great-grandparents lived started a wild orgy That's why my ancestors were driven away by the people of the church Grandma says no one's used the recipe since She died a year ago too and when I helped Mom sort out her stuff I found the recipe It was in an old cookbook The writing was almost faded
- So what's so special about him? - he stroked me over Lawrence Kimmie's shoulder
- It's got the usual ingredients bourbon brandy cream and some extra: ginseng catuaba sarsaparilla Snow Fairy flowers And you have to stir and chant to it in a special way while you're cooking At least that's how the recipe says it
- And you went through all this? - Kimmie was staring into her glass - Did you cook it?
- Not just that There's a couple more bottles in the kitchen  When Kimmie looked scared Jennifer quickly added " Relax it's just a legend
- Sexy legend - added Trent Jennifer was surprised to notice something strange in her boyfriend's voice and noticed that her fiancé's loins were beginning to grow He glanced involuntarily at Lawrence's lap and there was a similar sight The guy stroked Kimmie's shiny hair and slipped his finger under the strap of her blouse Jennifer's fiancé smoothed me over Jennifer's spine and she shuddered She could feel her nipples twitching It's just a legend Which has a great placebo effect as the Prancing erections show Just like a girl's wet pussy Just a little innocent fun so they don't get bored right?
"It's quite warm in here" said Kimmie straining the wool sweater
Jennifer has never seen her girlfriend so sweaty and desirable
"There's ice cream in the freezer" he said but his voice was more excited than he wanted - And caramel pudding All kinds of sticky desserts


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