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I'm writing a story that doesn't happen to a lot of boys in her life that's for sure It happened to me in the military being with a boy for the first time in my life
When I joined up I was in a unit with a total of ten of us (when and where it was it should remain a secret) I didn't think anything of it because I was heterosexual at the time and I never thought any other boy could give me such pleasure I was wrong
One of the guys and I got to know each other pretty well though the training didn't sit well with me so we kind of wasted our time It just bothered me that he wasn't really around to talk about girls and stuff You know how they say if a guy in a group doesn't talk about girls after five minutes there's trouble Well that might be true now that I think about it
One night long after lights out I was asleep and I woke up like someone was in my bed They were single beds so that would have been rude I opened my eyes and that's when I saw my dear friend kneeling beside the bed naked And besides with his hand under my blanket and even in my underwear Normally I'd punch a guy back in the face but now I was barely conscious because I was super sleepy which is why I wasn't really upset and he kept quiet and told me to stay put It was weird but since I was so sleepy I thought we'd sort it out the next day so I let him enjoy it Of course he was starting to excite me too because he was very good at his job but I was surprised to find my pole firmly erect Then I looked at my friend again who was drooling and I could see he wanted more He was younger than me by the way about 20 not very athletic but he had a fine body and quite girly in the sense that he didn't have much hair growing on his various bodies So he pulls my pants down grabs my pleasure stick and starts beating it soft The more unscrupulous he was the more I would have stopped him from thinking what he was thinking but the better it was and in a matter of minutes I was overwhelmed by desire He was beating my dick so good that no matter how many people could hear it I started moaning panting twitching on the bed and it started to crack Suddenly the boy stopped giving me a hand job and then something even more maddening came along with his soft mouth wrapped around my swollen Acorn The blanket was long gone by then I looked up and in the Twilight I saw that cute boy with his eyes closed sucking on my penis and I almost exploded()


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