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I grew up in the village with foster parents who took me out of foster care Now I'm 26 years old a woman full of desires as far as sexuality is concerned Unfortunately my looks aren't the best option My breasts are small I'm short my face is ugly Therefore I am inhibited with men I'm raising my son gauze alone I gave birth to her when I was 16 When I was a kid my stepdad used to sexually harass me but he didn't get around to raping me until he was 15 To escape the scandal they got me an apartment in Budapest and a job in a weaving factory I was very diligent and very good at it and I studied so I became a mechanic I'm making a pretty good living so Gézu and I are doing just fine My apartment is a small studio apartment with a room a small bath and a tea kitchen I didn't have a relationship with a man because my initial attempts failed to satisfy my own desires immersed in my sexual fantasies Then it stayed that way
Gézu is a quiet withdrawn child perhaps too quiet He's not much of a friend he's more of a reader or a computer torturer Otherwise he's a good-looking handsome boy At least for me
Living in the tiny room together I got used to being seen naked or wearing panties in front of my growing-up child We used to take baths together When I was soaping her washing her it was always strangely pleasant to feel her little body washing her penis The knowledge of male - female differences has been discussed since she was a little girl - in the honest answer to her questions Recently it became more and more frequent that he got hard when he was washing and bathing By the way I've seen your eyes especially at this hour linger in my private parts It bothered me and excited me For some reason I didn't want to change the routine and lifestyle Maybe I was thinking that if I covered myself I'd just get her more interested Of course I also noticed that he sometimes stays in the toilet for a long time and there was a suspicious moan at night from his bed
In my sexual fantasy too more and more often than not I thought of him instead of tough men and I longed more and more to consider his little penis And then I just kind of let go of the idea that I can't have sex with my own little boy
Once Upon a time in a happy chat Gézu asked
- Mom can I wash you too?
The question was unexpected but due to the relaxed mood - which may have helped with the glass of wine after dinner - I answered yes
Gauze soaps his hands my neck my shoulders and slowly slides them down to my chest
I felt really good I closed my eyes and gave myself to that feeling When I opened it again I saw Gézu's cock staring hard underwater
I couldn't resist and I reached between his legs and took his little dick in my hand I could feel it shaking And then with one hand while the other was still stroking my chest he was touching my lap I caressed his little dick slowly and gently on the skin He was a little clumsy caressing my cunt and sometimes his finger was in the slot Her eyes radiated sincere happiness as she smiled and looked me in the eye
It didn't last long because his body shook and his semen spread underwater
He was still holding his hand on my chest and pussy and I was holding his cock and smiling at each other
- Did you have a good life? - I did - Kiss me
We leaned forward and kissed each other on the mouth He was inexperienced in this but as he felt my tongue in his mouth he kissed me back
After a while I spoke:
- My dear boy what we did was very good but we're not supposed to do that because I'm your mother
- But it was great and I love you so much
 It was good for me too but if word got out I'd be killed by shame Besides you need to find a little girl that you love so much and with her you'll see it'll be even better
- I love you
 I love you too but this kind of relationship is not normal


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