Teens Jalace, Emma fuck together like crazy


Gazsi and I planned to spend this Sunday night together again He had something to do in town so we decided to go in together and watch some fun Usually when we were together we both knew how to have fun because it had to be sex
He had a rather long business to attend to which is why it was at least eight hours before we finally met We were both sufficiently hungry by then so we decided that the first thing we had to do was eat a hearty dinner We didn't even have to look much because there was a neon sign from a diner nearby We went in and got the biggest surprise of our lives The restaurant didn't seem more special than any other restaurant in town but the guests did There were only men at the tables and what men Some of them are so good-looking so desirable that they are weeds and I too would have liked to have invited one of them to spend the night together
After dinner we thought it might be nice to take a little drive while we digested We knew the city well enough but I was always fascinated by the huge commercials the flashing lights We drove through some of the most popular places known to tourists But then we got stuck in traffic There must have been an accident - from where we were stuck we couldn't see it - because a lot of cars suddenly crammed together We used to entertain ourselves by picking a hot - looking guy out of the street and trying to figure out what he was like
But I was soon tired of this game Since the line of cars didn't move at all I got bored I felt like I needed to find something better to do I reached over and put my hand on Gazsi's foot and then I started pulling it up until I could reach into his groin I could feel the heat at the base of his thighs and the bulging of his jeans I couldn't stop it because it went hard as soon as I rubbed it a little Gazsi then raised a little in the seat and then moved in a way that would make me more comfortable with his virility Because we were sitting in the middle of a traffic jam in my car it was even hotter because we knew that the other cars especially the higher ones would be able to see me massaging his gun perfectly
Then the driver moved a little and Gazsi said " Let's go to a hotel"Lucky for us I was able to make a turn on a side road and there I stopped in the parking lot of a small hotel We got a room and we took possession of it quickly We looked around very excited especially in the shower It was just like hotel showers in general but we both knew that it would be used more than once before leaving the hotel
Gazsi had to use the bathroom as a matter of urgency so I was able to make myself comfortable I threw my clothes off and I fell on the bed in my boxer shorts so I switched on the TV to see if I could find a good show But soon Gazsi came out of the bathroom naked except for a pair of boxer shorts What a sight I wanted to put him on the floor right away to satisfy all my dirty desires but I controlled myself and I decided to watch the end of the show I just caught on one of the channels I knew it wouldn't last much longer Gazsi threw himself on the bed next to me and seemed to have a great interest in the screen But the crew list couldn't hold me back at all
I picked up where I stopped working in the car I hit his groin again and I started rubbing it through his underwear In a moment I could sense that he was getting all worked up I kept stroking and rubbing for a while but then I asked him if he'd rather have a full massage He's already agreed I woke up to get my massage oil out of my little bag which I usually carry with me
By the time I got back Gazsi was completely naked on his belly He looked up and smiled I sat down next to him on the bed and with a little oil I started rubbing my hands When I got my palms warmed up enough I started to massage methodically I started at his neck and then down on his broad muscular shoulders I rubbed the oil deep into his soft skin I spilled some more oil on my hands and I continued to rub and rub down on his back
When all the fat was absorbed by her skin I was in a different position and I moved my action to her shapely legs He spread them around a little so I could see his giant eggs I massaged his legs so that at the end of every move I made I could touch his eggs and then my fingers would run through his butt cheeks I could feel the heat coming out of his butt and groin()


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