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Last summer I had something I was hoping for secretly but I didn't attach too much reality to my vision I'll never forget that summer as long as I live
We're not very rich so in the summer I'm the only one who goes out with my friends But this summer was different My cousin asked me if I wanted to spend the summer there Of course I agreed right away for a number of reasons Because there was a girl I had been in touch with on my cell phone for over a year and we've never met We used to write and text and talk Our relationship was weird and maybe a little confusing but it's also very deep We couldn't even imagine our day without each other I'm not a Don Juan and I'm a little lame with the girls so I didn't really have any relationships so I dedicated all my time to Stella I didn't know what he looked like but for a long time I didn't really care because I felt like I had found a real friend in him As I said we didn't see each other until that summer but it was also due to the distance between us because we live 200 kilometers apart But that's not the point
So I went to my cousin's House on vacation The whole time I was on the train I was thinking about what would happen if I met Stella for the first time I didn't tell him I was spending my summer in their village I was hoping to surprise him by announcing that I was outside your door But as it turned out I was wrong
After I arrived at Geri's house (my cousin) I packed my things and asked Geri to give me a tour of the village And then after a lot of hesitation I asked him where the sparkles lived Geri immediately asked me how I knew Stella After I told her I asked her what she looked like She spoke very highly of him He said it was fine where it was meant to be That's all I needed It gave me a little courage and of course I was more and more curious about what my "girlfriend"looked like I went to her house to make sure she was home and I called her and asked if she was home  That's when I announced that I was standing at your gate and you could come out and say hello to me But the expected effect was not achieved All I could see was a pair of eyes from behind the curtain looking at me and suddenly he closed the curtains and I waited in vain for him to come out After that I returned to Geri's with a great deal of disappointment Over the next few days even though I texted or called Stella she didn't give me any answers I thought for sure he was disgusted with me and couldn't stand to see me Actually I didn't see the point of spending a whole week there I thought I'd come home after two or three days but fate had some surprises for me
Friday night Geri and his buddies went to a bar I think after drinking three beers I noticed"I got a message" To my great surprise it was Stella He asked me to go to the park by the school I thought it was weird and I couldn't imagine what she wanted Since I knew the village by then I went alone not to mention anyone On the way there were thoughts in my head Besides since it was warm enough I began to sense the intoxicating effect of the three beers I took some gum to take away my mouth's beer smell
I arrived at the park At that moment I saw Stella There was an orphan sitting on one of those benches I was shocked It was a very nice night The full moon lit up the girl's face and shape She was beautiful He was wearing a camouflage shirt and dark green tight pants For a while I just stood there quietly and watched I noticed her nipples were staring straight ahead I thought you might be excited to meet me Geri wasn't lying She had a really nice body I walked up to him and said hello He was a little surprised to see you back After that there was an awkward silence I sat on the bench with him in confusion After a few minutes of silence I broke the silence - Why didn't you come out when I was waiting for you?- I did He turned to me and hugged me I'm red I didn't know what to make of this but I put my arm around her too It felt good that he cared about me after all At that moment he bent back and looked me in the eye She had beautiful eyes and I found an interesting glow in them I had a feeling something was going to happen At this thought Stella suddenly kissed me Before I knew it his tongue was in my mouth With his soft tongue he gently caressed and rubbed my tongue And then he changed his tempo and we started making out wild I knew there was no stopping now I put my hand under his shirt Her skin was very soft and silky As I touched her I felt the cold running through her I caressed her back As I kept going up and up I noticed she wasn't wearing a bra I guess he had it all planned outI figured I could feel sparkles ' hands on my thighs sledding towards my groin I got a boner right away()

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