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He put his arm around my knee put me in his lap
He went to Germany for three years came home yesterday He didn't tell mehe surprised me in front of my apartment He's always been my best friend He knew where I was what I loved what I hated what my favorite food drink He knew everything about me Then he left She left me I felt like something had been ripped out of me It's like when the Twins are separated You can't find your other half anywhere Strange isn't it? Nothing ever happened between us and I loved him as much as anyone She was 18 at the time Jesus he's changed More determined more masculine Did you play sports? It's so weird I let another little boy out of my arms and now?
I fell asleep I'm so horrible Right now? I knew I didn't have to stay and study I know studying is very important but not now
"Go to sleep my dear" he whispered in my ear
I woke up in my bed I woke up He wasn't there I went out for orange juice It must be 4: 00 in the morning I thought I opened the fridge and started crying My legs collapsed and I cried I miss himI miss him so much The moon's light danced a magic dance on the green tile Other times this Color is so warm it's beautiful Now what? Cold as me I shouldn't have let him go He asked me to go with him but but I was only 16 then Ignorant little girl I cried Someone put their arm around my shoulder I flinched and screamed
- Hello? Why are you crying?
- Don't leave me I thought you left I thought you left me here - he stood me up and covered me in his chest
- I'll never leave youI never left you I slept on the couchI didn't dare sleep next to you
- You didn't? You're not? - I yelled at him I broke out there were burning waves all around us
I screamed I wanted to scream I'm lost I was crying and I just told her something I would never say to her He pulled me in hard I was furious I slapped his chest with my hands but he didn't feel it he just squeezed me I threw lightning bolts I burned like a fire while he calmly took the form of water We fought a fight Big fight He picked me up I was struggling maybe I kicked him sometimes but he didn't care He took me into the bedroom and put me gently on my bed He climbed over me and held my arm down I couldn't do it I couldn't do it He kissed me in the neck and looked me in the eye My eyes glistened with the immeasurable rage I felt for him He saw it on me and he felt that if he didn't hold me down right now I would still be furious I'm on it I asked him to let me go but he didn't Instead he kissed me She was passionate and soft
He played with my lips until I surrendered He was dancing with my tongue more and more wildly I was shaking when he started kissing my neck Slowly pulling the lust Then he let go of my hand and took my top off I'm weak My last attempts have disappeared into the mist of weakness He put me out The water over the fire won When there's a forest fire the water always wins with a big fight He won too Just above me I got little kisses on my shoulder and then little bites I started gasping for breath and he just kept going Then he took care of my breasts Only his tongue and the other but with the tip of his fingers Slowly flogging me up with what every man desires most He rarely touched my nipples circling me Then it went down He licked my belly button I've been wheezing under it and stroking her hair Sometimes I'd dig into it let it go in a few seconds He noticed too that he had boiled every drop of my blood He stroked my belly with his tongue and put his palms on my hips He put his arm around me and kissed me It was soft long I could have made him dance my tongue for years I wanted to move and push her shoulders on the bed but she wouldn't let me
- Baby no Let yourself drift into pleasure Oh please - he whispered in my ear - I love you A tear came out of my eyes and flowed through my face
- I love you too He kissed me on the forehead and went back to kiss my stomach
He grabbed my hips vigorously and started pulling my underwear off me I raised my hip to help him He followed my panties with his tongue and followed them to my ankles As he passed through my feet he stripped me of my last piece of clothing()


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