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A blunt thump of firecracker came from somewhere in the street
- They're starting I don't know what's good about it "It's not even dark to make the fire at least spectacular" I said as I retracted my belt
- If it's good for them the answer came from plums He didn't really care what I said he'd been preparing for the party for New Year's Eve for a week She was leaning forward in front of the Mirror painting her eyelashes We couldn't have been more fire and water in terms of our old year's celebration I didn't like the holiday itself with loud fireworks confetti champagne shots Somehow the madness that prevails over everyone at this time made me want more peace than usual Silvi loved delirium chaos confusion I've always explained to myself that by the conflict of your inhibitions and desires you account for yourself that's your loophole a reason to let yourself go
I put my wallet in my pocket I was ready As I stepped out of the bedroom Silvi turned from the bath to the corridor and the part of her skirt followed the movement with a flutter
- Am I pretty? "he asked with his hungry eyes (with the beautiful blue eyes) with a naughty smile He raised one hand put the other on his hip tried to stretch his six-foot-two Her long dark brown hair fell on her shoulder without any hairdressing tricks just as I liked it Her touch of makeup made her even more charming than she was naturally The top part of the beige-orange pale flower-patterned dress was clenched in such a way that it was not too revealing but you could see her plump shapely breasts and a little bit of the lace of the bra It was tightened down stretched over her round hips and ended in a frilly skirt I walked up to him and kissed him quite gently to his lips in response and quickly turned him over and slapped him on his butt which was so tight
- Come on - he was indignant with feigned indignation
 I'm gonna get out of the garage so get ready - I told you on the way down the stairs I grabbed the car keys from the top of the piano in the living room and I went into the garage In the cold light of the exploding neon lights there was my old Volvo 460 my loyal partner After a slow start I drove it out of its rest stop and then I went back and turned off the lights pulled the garage door down I got in the car to turn on the heat because it was so cold Silvi soon appeared at the door After he locked it he cut through the driveway and got in with me
- You ready to go? - I asked out of habit
"Yes" he replied thinking about the party
Apparently everyone was busy planning the night party the town was strangely quiet We soon got to that nightclub on the outskirts of the suburbs and downtown where Silvi was supposed to be I pulled over to the curb and I was about to kiss the girl goodbye but I barely turned around and she was already in a hurry to kiss me half in the mouth and then she was out of the car with the same swing and she was heading towards the entrance I waited for him to come in As soon as he opened the door the lights were flashing inside To be honest I've been feeling a little worried about the whole party ever since I found out about it but I thought she was a big girl who could take care of herself so I put these ominous thoughts away
I myself was invited to see my oldest friend so I married him after I dropped off prune I stopped the car under a tree - at least to protect it from the fall of the fireworks - and went up to the apartment building Entering the quiet lounge music I was a great fan of this genre I sat in one of the leather chairs put my foot on the buffer and Robi filled two glasses of whiskey and followed my lead
- What about the company? Did that big contract you said work?
- In Thank God We'll have plenty of work but at least we'll get paid he laughed before he sipped his drink
"Yes we couldn't be better" I replied in the back of my mind " but yes we could be better"
I was still a little concerned about your invitation that night so I quickly flushed the rest of the whiskey
The rest of the evening which turned slowly into night was mostly pleasant to discuss superficial subjects and we both enjoyed the Sweet doing nothing The TV was on silent in the background with a timer in the corner of the screen we could easily track how much time was left before the New Year When the clock finally struck midnight we stood up and listened to the National Anthem and then we had a glass of champagne to celebrate a better year Although it was more of a tradition none of us were really into champagne I opened the window and I called Robi to listen to the celebration of the city The firecrackers exploding firecrackers all at the same time melted into a still murmur()


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