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A year ago my husband who was my only partner left me after 15 years of marriage I'm actually relieved because our relationship has been going on for a while
she fell apart and our sex life was a disaster There was no foreplay or joint masturbation All he wanted was to fuck me once or twice a week for his own satisfaction without even considering my needs so I never got to orgasm We were always in the dark and we never
we caressed each other or kissed each other
To make it up to you when you were away on business I used to caress myself sometimes but I rarely reached the climax But underneath it all there was frustration
it's a fairly high libido that's left unfulfilled
Last year I started rebuilding my life but I realized I wanted more than masturbation It is a mere coincidence that this led to an excellent website that I regularly visited I was more and more fascinated by the experience of men and women I wanted to find someone a man or a woman  -
with whom I can speak freely and share the secrets of my life
After I rented an apartment in South London I joined a choir where I met Trish who was a 40-year-old divorcee a little younger than me
One night after choir practice we talked about having pizza and then we started talking about our physical and spiritual problems Three days later he called me and said:
 Joan I've been thinking about what we talked about and I have a feeling there's a way we can help each other So I invited him to dinner the next night
I got myself cleaned up dinner was just getting ready and then he rang the bell and I saw that he was dressed quite sexyThat's when I knew this wasn't just gonna be a conversationIt's kind of electrifiedthough I had my doubts
We settled down on the couch for a drink
 Joan it seems we have some common desires Tell me about your sex life
I told her in a very elaborate and shy way that I really miss sex
- What about you Trish? Well sometimes I have sex with a man friend but I'm more interested in masturbatingMaybe two or three times a week I make myself happy
I thought he was more experienced than I was in the sex businessbut it turns out neither of us has ever been with another woman
We both looked at each other a little confused but longing
The spell was broken when we woke up that the food should be servedIn the kitchen he put his hand on my elbow and he just said:
 Joan what we're talking about is really heating me up and I'm getting wetI want you
- What about you? I smiled and said I was excited about our conversation but I'm gonna need some help and patience to relax
Don't worry just relax Back on the couch she quietly took off her blouse and unzipped her bra so I could admire her beautiful breasts which in some ways
in proportion to his slender body Her lips approached my mouthand I softened up and I let her kiss meI liked the feelinghe noticed itso he took my hand put it on his chest()


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