TEENFIDELITY Tiny Teens Hannah Hays and Riley Star Share a Cock


A pair of freshly cleaned snow-white sneakers White socks brand-new cream-colored briefs with the most bulky boxer shorts underneath With the eyes wide open the T-shirt is breathable Silky shaved face body that smells like shower gel a few blows from your favorite perfume Adam weighed himself in the great mirror with some satisfaction Everything was ready for another adventure with her secret lover With Erika who was more than twice her age the pleasures she provided were unearthly
Summer has arrived and not only was it a school break but Erika was working at home and she was also meeting a lot more frequently Adam the thin kid-faced wasn't ready for everything in bed he didn't give in to all of Erika's (maybe a little perverse) desires but he was getting more and more free of sex Of course he was still embarrassed and worried about doing everything right but the experienced patient woman's hands mouth and body were flying him to heaven every time
But this time was differentAdam had no idea Erika once again this ever-smiling full-bodied lady received him warmly hugging his little protégé at the door
- Adam I've been waiting for you Come on in it's a big day I have a surprise for you
- What surprise? "the boy was a little startled who allowed nothing but Erika's sex toys and suddenly felt she had something for him again"
- Don't be scared you'll be happy Come
Leaving the Hall Erika invited her emancipation boy into the kitchen who having entered the room had a moment of Root There was a skinny young girl sitting at the dining room table The striped knee socks a short blue skirt a girl with a shoulder-length brown hair wearing the same color top with her knees closed and her hands broken sat on one of the chairs in front of her huge glass of orange juice As Adam entered she looked at him with her big shy eyes and smiled confused The boy was suddenly unable to speak unable to make sense of the surprise
'This is my daughter Niki' smiled Erika  Well since summer vacation started she's home so I thought I'd introduce her to you I've told him so much about you  Adam thought his date was over If your daughter's here Erika won't mess with her He waved at the young girl in confusion
- S Hi I'm Adam
"Niki" she smiled and took a big sip of orange juice
"Come sit down Adi" Niki knows everything about us so come on let's talk  Adam took a seat without a word trying to avoid the eyes of the girl who kept looking at him Mother brought a glass of juice for the boy and then sat across from the two young men
"Well" he began " you know I'm an open - minded woman "I don't have to explain this to you" he laughed Adam blushed  Niki's 16 and she's never been with a boy Of course we've talked a lot about sex and she's no longer completely unfamiliar with it thanks to some vibrators and toys I bought her - Niki's already blushing-but she hasn't done it with a real flesh-and-blood boy And I was thinking you haven't been with a girl your age so it's time
- Uh-huh  Adam didn't really know what to say
- What do you think Adi? Do you like Niki?
- Yeah - yeah "You are very beautiful" she said This may have been the wildest courtship he's ever had Niki of course was more relaxedthe Apple didn't fall far from the tree
"I like you too you're a nice guy" he smiled In spite of his youthful face he seemed more physically mature than Adam despite the age difference Her breasts were already aroused under the dress and her shapely tight figure indicated that she was also a sportsman Adam's confusion only emboldened and willingly flirted with the shy boy
- Would you like to try and study? - Erika finally asked Niki nodded enthusiastically and Adam was happy to say yes but suddenly he felt like he did with Erika the first time
In the bedroom Adam was overcome with the same immense magical thrill he felt when he lost his virginity The morning before the mirror a man who looked at himself and felt like a hard man disappeared and was once again the half-wit he was As she slowly undressed with the help of Erika and saw Niki take off her clothes it was like a dizzying mist There was an indescribable internal tingling and excitement as the naked body of the young girl appeared before him Niki was the girl Adam fantasized about when he was younger Young thin shapely The one who could never have Erika because of her age and shape and even though she had been through heavenly pleasures with her mother now she felt that her daughter would be the one who could truly lose her physical and spiritual innocence()


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