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49 'Chapter III
Key West
I met the waiter at a restaurant nearby and through him I met the owner Back in Budapest I bought a wine company to deliver the drinks to my pension but it also had extensive connections to the rest of the world
- Fill your restaurant with Hungarian wines - I told him
 I can't because I have an exclusive contract with a trader in California - he answered
At my request however he set me up with a representative of the company who was at the time in Key West Florida I took a trip to fabulous coral island
Robert was 53 years old at the time one of the most powerful wine-selling companies in America leading salesperson sort of a perfectly average elderly man portly balding Now these are the kind of people I want to show off my shiny pussy Well-off and pleasant measured and businesslike I visited him in his quarters which was in the heart of the city not far from the bus station It was a ground-floor building with a variety of colours and lush vegetation I'm in Rich fancy furniture with antique furniture A Spanish-speaking housekeeper took me in and took me to the great living room After a few minutes of waiting Robert arrived and we introduced ourselves and the tough business meeting began
I was unable to persuade him to let my wines into the Caribbean restaurants he had contracted with him and he considered the competition too risky On the American market however I had a chance and he was willing to cooperate because the elite buyers in California Los Angeles Hollywood and Las Vegas like the restaurants in New York Washington liked to see the famous Hungarian products And in return he asked for a commission that I couldn't pay I thought about what to do before I found a solution I offered to sell his wines in return in Germany and Italy In Hungary I did not see this chance because Hungarians drink the most Hungarian wine
I asked for a cool-down and took off my thin coat Underneath it was just a half-transparent short-sleeved blouse through which I could see perfectly the outline of my breasts and my dark-looking nipples It wasn't very provocative but it was clear I wanted to get naked right in front of himI missed sex so much but I couldn't He blushed and drank his mineral water and I pretended not to know it and I became more determined and more businesslike I've taken control At the end of the nearly two-hour trial we concluded that we should definitely discuss the matter with the head of the company and that we could meet him at night
- Do you want to go on a yacht? - he asked
My plan worked I had this guy wrapped around my finger with my tits And how simple it was I had him
- First work then fun But thank you - I answered with a lot of conjecture I wanted him to spend the whole night trying to make the deal happen And to push him even more before I left the table I flashed my rather scruffy cunt Since you've been looking at my closed legs so often you haven't missed the "action" It's turning incredibly red I whispered in his ear " Don't let me down tonight"
I checked the city and then I arrived at the place I had arranged for at 7: 00 pm at a fancy restaurant The CEO was a man of good humor and was interested in hearing my point of view Robert was spectacularly supportive of my idea The business was mutually beneficial for both of us but there were obstacles that only personal sympathy could overcome We were past the appetizer when I went to the bathroom I fixed my simple makeup and washed my pussy I didn't put my panties back on I held them We continued to eat and exchange ideas When I returned to my seat slowly to avoid Robert's attention I opened my purse rummaged through it a little and put the panties on top We smiled From there on things were even more smooth Robert was genuinely supportive of my ideas and I rewarded him by spreading my legs and showing him my hairy pussy As Robert sat close enough he could see everything but his boss could see nothing and that was just the way it was Finally the agreement was reached: my wines are sold in the USA in all places where our interests are not in conflict and I am selling their California wines in Europe It was of course much more complicated in detail in terms of the agreement the extent of the guaranteed quantity and the price range The contract was a one - year trial but all in all according to my calculations it made my company as much as the previous year We were at the end of dinner and the boss went to the bathroom and I took the opportunity to thank Robert for his contribution()

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