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The woman
I've known him for years we worked together for a long time we worked directly together At first it was a pleasant collegial relationship that slowly became a deep friendship which did not cease when he moved back to his hometown
I watched Love Come and go in her life and I was rooting for her happiness but I never thought it could go another way I mean I have a family and I thought I was genuinely happy and she has a wife even if she's not comfortable in that marriage
I thought I had a real good friend in the most noble sense of the word When I had to go to kishaya for a conference I was finally able to introduce him to my husband but I was surprised to see them together and how hard it is for me to do the polite dance with him Something's changed I don't understand what happened to us why we suddenly started to attract each other but from then on we exchanged increasingly hot messages and we began to share more and more wild dreams of the safety of the 200 kilometers separating our homes When I went back to town for my work I knew there was trouble I knew in my mind that we weren't supposed to see each other anymore but my mouth had already denied meeting him in front of my husband and my heart was dreaming of hugging him I knew she was keeping our date at home a secret which for the first time was supposed to be a date not just a friendly meeting I couldn't stop thinking about him and saying " but I love my husband and my children why do I want to touch and feel another man so much?"Anyway I arranged things so that I would have to come home this afternoon and not have too much time with him Fear worked hard in me
Then the big day came I sat through the otherwise interesting performance like a zombie and nothing came to my mind from the lecture I couldn't wait to get out of the room's smothering air
Next thing I know he's standing at a tram stop checking out the crowd on the vehicle where I've already spotted his well-known figure
We greeted each other with a big hug His mouth was looking for my mouth but I turned my head and kissed him on the cheek He didn't push it We were walking to his car in a parking garage nearby having a few meaningless words It's like it wasn't even us It was like watching two strangers on the outside who knew little about each other never fought words for hours can't joke about anything small When we sat next to each other it got worse We were just looking at each other I only dared his face but I saw him devour me all through his eyes I was babbling some nonsense about my thoughts getting out of my head and he just smiled and leaned towards me I was terrified "What am I doing here??"He could get in trouble if someone he knows sees us"Neither should I"And once again the kiss became a kiss I pulled back as far as the narrow space allowed me and trembled in every taste
- I'm sorry I'm so embarrassed - I said it quietly
- So am I - he said-I had an idea of what we were doing but now I don't know I want you very much
- Me too but everyone can see you here
 My brother's place is empty we could be there by ourselves you want to come with me?
- No no no no "I said aloud I was so frightened by the image in my head of us hugging kissing caressing each other peeling off each other's clothes" - Let's stay hereI can't do it - I asked you to be quiet
- Okay I'll go over to the wallwe're more protected there Okay? - all I could do was nod
It was a good way to park and it gave me both comfort and concern As the engine stopped he leaned over my mouth and kissed me He attacked me violently his hands grasping my hips while his mouth eagerly ate mine and his tongue made me feel a little dizzy It was very difficult for me to break my lips from hers but I could see that she found my drag too fast
And I was shaking against the door again I held on to hers with my hands clinging to her like a drowning man with his right fingers on my shoulder on the back of my neck as he gently caressed her We sat like this for a while There were so many feelings I couldn't handle it I've never felt desire fear love pain remorse confusion and want to give I couldn't deny my nervous condition He tried to calm me down try to be nice but I could hardly look at him My heart was pounding in my throat and I thought "go away run" But I didn't move I let his sense of humor ease my tension and I turned to him again I was just watching His eyes were filled with desire and so was mine


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