teen plays hard part 1


After I got out of school I was unemployed I was 18 years old I didn't have a profession I didn't know anything so to put it mildly the employers didn't exactly rush me Finally my dad got wind of a childhood buddy starting a business and he was short of manpower so he fast-tracked me down I got lucky the guy hired me right away to his company The first day of my life began with a brief briefing in which our man told me what I really needed to do and then we got in the car drove across town and ended up at an abandoned factory
At the plant there was a big storage unit full of all kinds of merchandise and I had to help the warehouse manager dig up all the different items that were then shipped out by the customers To tell you the truth it wasn't very pleasant the first impression was quite depressing I felt like this wasn't the place of my dreams and I was playing with the idea of retiring myself What I decided to stay because of (I mean aki) was the manager The third member of the three-man Company giant was married to my boss The woman named Anita must have been about 40 or so and at the time of the introduction I found out she was a pretty young cool woman The chief was still explaining showing me a thing or two and then he took off in a hurry The job wasn't particularly difficult but almost every phase required two people so I had a chance to look at Anita more thoroughly
Though she certainly could not deny her age she was a very attractive woman Cleopatra-like neck-length black hair gave her a youthful appearance which was further enhanced by her sporty attire He wore tight jeans and a tight very transparent white top through which his large breasts were clearly embossed Since she didn't wear a bra her nipples are clear I was mesmerized by this sight If I wasn't staring at her ass when she was standing on a ladder taking something off a higher shelf then when she was reaching out for the boxes her dress stretched all over her breasts attracted my gaze as a magnet I had a hard-on and I could barely concentrate on my work I confess I had almost no experience in sexual matters so I was rather clumsy in trying to disguise my peeping tom which soon came to fruition One time when I was looking at her breasts in a favorable motion she looked up I quickly caught my eye from there but it was too late it was quite obvious where I was staring
We looked at each other for a second but this moment seemed like hours to me His eyes were blue with interest and surprise I was so scared and embarrassed I felt really bad about it I couldn't move The magic of the moment was finally broken and Anita turned in confusion to write something on the top of one of the boxes In the meantime I've been very focused on keeping this kind of situation from happening After the first day I went home like I was beaten to death I fell to my bed tired and weary but it took me a long time to fall asleep by the strange thoughts in my head The next morning I couldn't wait to get to the warehouse My boss's wife was waiting for us because there was a delivery early this morning so she took her own car out early The second encounter was beyond my expectations She was wearing a cream-coloured skirt made of gauze-like material and a top with no sleeves of the same colour My eyes immediately glided over her rich bosom her shapely waist down her round hips all the way down to her perfectly shaped legs which appeared under her skirt through her round thighs She had fantastic legs I've never seen such calves before in my life I couldn't take my eyes off them for minutes Later after the boss left and we started the job I had the pleasure of doing a thorough background check In fact this dress was not a lie it was perfectly revealing that its wearer had been neglecting regular exercise for some time but it also had an indisputable advantage
Under the skirt the outline of a black thong was clearly visible This realization has sealed my fate Despite the fact that I had never noticed myself interested in women 25 years older and somewhat neglected I realized that I was experiencing the biggest sexual challenge of my life at my new job I just couldn't help but think that this extraordinary sexual experience of a woman in a body-straddling dress black thong and a bra without a bra in front of me was just too much for me The erotic tension inside me was so intense I couldn't focus on anything else but Anita's breasts buttocks legs


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