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Robin glided from tree to tree Though he was tired he only breathed in small sips and looked at the Avar and before him in turn In his haste he must have made as much noise as a herd of wild animals but Gil seemed to be in even more haste and could not hear or hear his friend's coming She seemed very excited - and Robin herself was waiting with trembling members to see what Gil had so hidden from her even from her best friend Maybe he found a hidden treasure in the woods or something even more exciting
Robin being the son of a Hunter followed Gil's trail carefully though he was far behind He also knew what was hidden in the thick deciduous forest Not far from here crystal clear divers emerge from a few rocks turning the early autumn lukewarm landscape into a painter His low distinct hum was a good hiding of the noise of the clanking boy's movements
Robin leapt over a fallen tree just like Gil could have done a few moments ago and slipped on the wet avaron and fell into the vast roots of an oak tree Lucky for you He heard Gil's voice talking to someone If he'd run after her without warning he'd probably have shown up right behind her in the clearing He was on his hands and knees climbing into the bushes He thought it might be a hundred paces from Gil he could easily get close without being noticed
His stomach fluttered with excitement like a beehive in it He's never had an adventure like this before and at least he could prove that even Gil can't see him if he doesn't want to You're about to find out the boy's secret that no one knows about Gil even told the priest that he was not guilty and that he did good - no one else knows about it but Gil the priest and Robin
But Robin will soon find out what her friend is hiding He crawled carefully under a bush to lie in the shadow of an oak and his father taught him "the lower he is the more difficult it is to see unless he is well above the victim he stalked" he put his head out to observe
As you thought Gil was standing next to the trickling creek a cliff that Robin couldn't see from here The boy had a short reddish-brown hair and a cap in his hand and a blush in his cheeks His green eyes glistened with excitement as he tried to smooth out his shirt and baggy pants and clean it from the dirt that was stuck on him during the chase He breathed out loud while he did not take his eyes off the cliff for a moment
 You said I could ask for anything and you'd do it If I hadn't been there that Wolf would have eaten you
- Still there are limits between you and me "suddenly" replied a sullen girl I didn't know him In fact I've never heard anything like it His accent was soft his voice was ringing beautifully It's like a little kid's but there was some mature wisdom in it that even the elders couldn't have Robin however she pushed her eyes the lingering willow branches covered the figure standing on the tree
Is that Gil's secret? You ran through the woods for a girl?
 You said I could have three wishes and whatever it is you have to do it
'Yes' said the girl at last after a long debate  You saved my life so I have to give you anything even my own life if that's what you want
- Then please get off that cliff
Robin leaned forward holding her breath What are you talking about? Who's that girl on the rock?
As something suddenly fluttered Robin's voice stopped Whoever was standing on that rock should have come down the other side because even Gil himself couldn't climb off that steep rock let alone a girl He didn't climb
The hair of the girl seemed to have been woven from gold falling under her hips like a sun-coloured cascade Robin had found herself in the last few days looking at the faces of some of the older girls but not even the most beautiful of them could follow this girl The violet colour of her huge eyes Robin now that she was less than ten paces away was able to take it out from here and her ears which glistening in a graceful arc were about to pop out from under the hair
Her dress like her hat with large cotton wool played in splendid green and blue colours seemed to be sewn together from tiny petals of flowers His slender bare-footed legs peeked out from under his half-kneed skirt as did his flat belly and thin waist from under his upper clothing Why it was so tiny Robin knew at first sight
As he looked at the magnificent wings of butterflies on her back A swirling swirl of green blue and red colours mixed in dazzling beautiful patterns and it seemed as if the whole picture had changed after every flapping of the wings()


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