Busty Brunette Teen Takes It Up Her Ass


Then the three girls grabbed me You try to get rid of them but these girls are stronger than you and they're gonna take you down Two girls are squeezing your hands and legs tight until the third one starts unbuttoning your blouse You say you'll scream if they don't leave you alone And then he stops stripping you and sticks a warm wet piece of clothing in your mouth When he's done stuffing your mouth he'll explain they're ready to scream He tells me that this morning all three of them stuffed their panties into their vaginas and masturbated until they left at least six times She's gonna tell you that you have her wet panties in your mouth right now and you're gonna taste the rest of them later He's gonna grab your blouse from the front and rip it off
The girls holding your hand are gonna take your blouse off while the third one unbutton your jeans and pull it down to your ankles He lifts your legs to pull down the jeans completely and you start kicking The girls will hold your legs at your knees and stretch them out so the third girl can take your jeans off As long as they keep you stretched out like this the girl takes a pair of scissors and cuts the strap on your bra and then cuts it between your breasts and there's nothing to cover your round hard breasts He's gonna grab both your nipples between his sleeve and index fingers and squeeze them Twist and pull them until they get hard Then he kisses them and starts sucking them Despite all your objections what she's doing to your breasts makes you feel even better than you did last night with your boyfriend He stops sucking but he keeps playing with your nipples
She tells them they want to be in the sorority but in order to get in they have to rape a sexy little bitch like you He's gonna grab your panties at your waist and cut them on both sides so he can pull them out from under your butt One of the girls says "now that we've undressed this little bastard let's taste how yummy he is" The third girl puts her hand between your legs and opens your labia
He's gonna put his head down to your pussy and start licking it slowly from your asshole to your wet lips to your clitoris You're a little wobbly trying to get out from under him but he pushes his tongue against your clit and you feel the pleasant tingling running through your body He slides his tongue back to your hole and pushes it in You're gonna give in to this violent lesbian game and push your pussy into her flailing tongue She gets her tongue in and out of your vagina and you can feel your love juices flowing You start spinning again but this time it's about pleasure You want to come and the girl's tongue just keeps dancing inside you He'll slip his tongue on your clit and start licking it real fast The excitement the tongue it grows in you every time it touches you She locks her lips around your clitoris and sucks it in her mouth That's more than you can handle Your muscles are tense your fluids are flowing and you're having the most fun you've ever had It'll lick your juices out of your open pussy When you come out of an orgasm the girl who just licked you will switch places with one who held your hand The New Girl takes the panties out of your mouth and puts hers in giving your mouth a new flavor
He kneels and kisses your sticky pussy Then it starts moving slowly towards your head gently kissing your belly your breasts He's squeezing his big bare tits on yours Then you feel something hard pressed against your labia She tells you she's gonna rape you the way a boy would He's gonna tell you that he attached a six-inch dildo to himself and he's gonna stick it in your pussy and he's gonna fuck you fast and hard He pushes the dildo's head against your pussy You protest you twitch but as you move the end of the dildo gets deeper and deeper as Your Baby Lips moisten it You finally feel it all in He pushed all six inches into your hot wet hole Your boyfriend's fucked me a few times but his dick never filled me up like this dildo filled me up He pulls it out almost completely and then he pushes it in all over again Your pussy is tingling all the way He's fucking your pussy harder and faster and you can feel your juices flowing You're gonna come again This girl who fucks a fake penis gives you more pleasure than your boyfriend ever did
You're losing your mind; you're pulling yourself on this giant cock you're squeezing your chest against his belt while you're sucking the sap out of his wet panties Your orgasm is like an explosion your head twitches back and forth The girls laugh at your dildo-induced pleasure The girl pulls it out and puts it all in again and then over and over again until you're completely out of it Your orgasm is almost unconscionable Nothing moves but your juices flowing from your hole to your butt The girl who fucked is going to pull the dildo out and the other two will let you go I don't need to be held down anymore()


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