Little teen rides black


I met a girl on the internet the other night I was reading a sex chat in one of these places when she called me We started talking and it was soon about sex It turns out we both like a little more extreme sex pee sex I mean I haven't had any experience yet but she has
In fact he had a girlfriend who was a little older than him and he introduced him to the subject Zsofi also told me that he likes to be commanded and that he does his best to obey orders We had a really hot conversation and it ended with us both enjoying the keys Since we both seemed to like it very much we continued our conversation on the phone and then arranged a meeting the next day at IKEA store The next day I was surprised because two people showed up at the meeting
As it turns out Zsofi told her already mentioned friend Anita what happened last night and they agreed to come together They were both pretty Zsofi was 19 blond hair and Anita was 34 good-looking black hair After a brief introduction we went up to the dining room because I invited them for lunch There were very few of them since it was quite early We sat in a corner and talked while we were eating and it seemed like we understood each other pretty well After eating the two girls went to the bathroom Soon they came back and brought a plastic cup of tea with them They said it was for me to drink I was a little surprised but I took the warm-up glass and started drinking the still-steaming drink After the first sip I was very surprised at the taste but seeing the faces of the two girls I realized it must be their urine I was quite aroused and I drank the contents of the glass in front of the girls while my cock was stiffening my pants After I drank it Anita said that now that I could taste them they liked to taste me and then the three of us went to the toilet
To my surprise I was dragged into the ladies ' room but no one was there We went into one of the lockable compartments and Zsofi locked the door Anita told Zsofi to take off her clothes and Zsofi started taking off her clothes First he got rid of the top and I got to admire the tight beautiful tits that came out Then she took off her skirt and panties Her pussy was nice clean-shaven Then Anita put the toilet seat down and put Zsofi on it and then pulled my pants down and pulled my stiff dick out of my undergarments
"Well now it's your turn" he said to me "start peeing like we're not here" he said and while he was holding my dick we started kissing For a while I couldn't pee with my cock standing but because I was drinking a lot and I had a really tight bladder I soon let myself go and the first water jet started Anita pointed my dick at Zsofi's face who tried to catch my urine with his mouth open with more or less success
'Drink it all' said Anita watching Zsófi's attempt with increasing excitement Zsofi's face and mouth had my undigested urine spilled on her breasts and through her abdomen to the middle of her thigh pleasantly tickling her pussy He used one hand to rub his wet breasts and the other hand to spread piss on his pussy He swallowed as much as he could Meanwhile I saw Anita with her other hand working between her legs stroking her pussy through her panties When I peed all over myself Anita took her clothes off She had big tight breasts and Shaggy pussy that I could see the juices of excitement In the meantime he smeared the rest of the piss on his body which he couldn't drink leaving almost no drops on the floor Anita pushed the toilet board up and told Zsofi to sit in front of the toilet and put her head back Then in a riding seat he sat over the toilet so his pussy was right above Zsófi's mouth and then he reached back and grabbed my dick and began to caress the wet entrance of his vagina with it()


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