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I'm a 26-year-old girl He's 5 '10" average build of 60 kilograms I have half-length brown hair I'm interested in music and sports I like to build relationships meet interesting people over the past few years I've had several partnerships One of these times my partner tied me to the bed during sex and made me his own It was such a fantastic experience for me tied up helpless at the mercy of my sweetheart that I thought that this form of sex should be tried later but at first it was very hard to tell my sweetheart I didn't know what she was going to say Lucky for me he was ripe he didn't object so during our lovemaking he was more and more often tied to the bed Sometimes he could not resistand on my freely exposed buttocks my cunt my breasts were pressed firmly and patted They were getting stronger Once Upon a time after being tied to the bed (my hands and feet were tied above my head so I lay completely open to him) my dear had suddenly abandoned me and returned only hours later Surprisingly the fact that I'm tied up and helpless on the bed and I don't know if this condition is going to last for so long it got me so excited that when my darling came back I came He noticed that too so he gave me a spanking It surprised me not by pain but by excitement When I felt this my partner came to me with the following words: if you are so aroused now please me and then he put his cock in my mouth to suck it But he wasn't satisfied with that he was fucking me in the mouth not caring about hurting me When he was satisfied he asked my permission to obey all orders from now on That's when I said no After that he didn't see me for weeks I didn't realize how much I was gonna miss him (Not only him but also the vulnerability I experienced in our time together) I couldn't take it anymore and I found her to continue our relationship He asked me again whether I was willing to follow all his orders so that I did not know what orders I would receive from him yet (even he did not think what orders he would give in the future) If not our relationship is over I said yes without thinking that was three years ago Then we went up to his apartment where we made love and then he tied me up and left me like that for a day This is the first time I've been tied up for this long It was exciting at first and then it became more and more uncomfortable my hands and feet are numb 10 or 12 hours later I was thirsty my mouth was dry I should have peed more and more but tied up in bed I didn't dare (I was afraid if I wet my pants I'd get punished) So I started to feel uncomfortable The next day when my partner untied me he asked me again whether I would still maintain the answer that I would continue to obey all his orders If I say no now then our relationship is over but if I say yes it goes on After that I said yes again Then I received the following instructions from him: I am no longer your lover I am your husband You must take this into account both in your actions and in our conversations When you address me You must call me sir and you can only call me sir You may speak only if your master asks or if you ask your masterand he concedes you I call you my slave or my slave You are obliged to obey my orders without saying a word to thank me for the penalties you have received Now that you're always aware that every part of your body is my property you can't wear underwear or bras Do you understand my orders? I said yes to that That's how my servitude began with my first Lord At that time I did not know that in the course of our relationship he developed the desire for BDSM which he had now made use of on me
Later on he tied me up at every meeting and later the bondage became a bondage and a suspension Over time he has equipped his apartment with a variety of tools to make our sessions more diverse Later in addition to the various restraints other humiliations and torments began In our time together I had to fulfill all his needs serve him I had to serve him food drink often used table chair or foot support He had obtained various sticks straps which he had tied to my buttocks breasts vaginas and at first weaker and harder After a while instead of being tied up the main punishment became the beating I had to satisfy his sexual needs every time Most of the time not only did we make love in the traditional way but I had to make love to her with my mouth()

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