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From the newspapers I have learned of the joyous fact that American Scientists have discovered another point on her The point was called an E-point which I was a little annoyed at because at least I could take the alphabetical order a little more seriously than science First the G then the U Now the E A vitamins are at least a little more precise than women But it's okay the point is they found another mark on her With the first two I've achieved great success anyway not with a little practice I had to go through a smaller library but I didn't feel sorry for the troubleshe's worth it Even if it's made of dots which at first glance is a little weird I mean when you compare a woman to a man which is absurd anyway But if you lean closer to her you can see that she's really made of dots and that's why she's smearing her face with all these pore-cleaning creams
Not that I am a lecherous man eager to discover new and new points In fact It is the two directions of Infinity the infinitesimal point and the life that radiates into infinity which is almost shouting at these points You see how it is It's complicated of course But the fact is she's quite modern when it comes to points I bought an old book and I looked at it with a magnifying glass It was called "Old Testament" and there were no dots at all But another book is called " How to be rich in 12 days?""with a magnifying glass it was made up of tiny little dots Because it was probably printed with some kind of modern equipment And there are the animals Like the cat Cats don't have points I know that from experience because I once leaned very close to them In fact even fish are not made up of dots because their scales are as flat as a real crystal They must have been invented longer than she was
I was so inspired by scientific interest that I didn't even read the article like three-quarters of it I knew the experiment was coming up My cells were tingling I dressed in a hurry to find a woman because I needed a woman for the G-spot and the U-spot and then I found her and I remember her well They didn't cost much I'm probably gonna find a woman on the street right now I thought And you and I are going to see how the e-point works You're supposed to keep pushing and not rub Or let him go That's new And besides it's not hidden in a dirty place like the first two It's a lot easier to access and you don't even have to undress and it'll go faster Perhaps this invention is of particular interest I took her and she didn't want to come up with me but somehow I carried her up I told him there was a new kind of point that needed to be tightened down And he said he had trouble with the G-spot and no matter how hard he tried he had no record I'll do it I said in spirit I almost fell into the sin of self-praising while I was proving my expertise in such points
I had a little doubt so I leaned closer to her in case she wasn't made of points Because she kept saying she was different from the others and she wasn't that kind of girl But even in the light of the mood light you could tell he was wrong This type of woman had pores like all the others so there are definitely different points on it I wondered when pressing them can trigger different effects I was terribly interested in that because she was able to realize her point Euclidean idea and combine everything and nothing The infinite freedom and the infinite self She took off her clothes and took a shower when I told her there was no need He looked at me in amazement but he took a shower anyway It's Okay I thought the point would be safe no matter how much you rub it It's like an invisible tattoo I put the paper on the side of the bed and when she flashed out of steam I went right to the point It was somewhere around the neck symmetrically on two sides Above the carotid artery()


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