Teen Cassidys mouth is full with a huge cock and gets fucked


I don't know how to begin it's just so incredible even for me because I don't do that kind of thing So it all started on a Thursday night when a good friend of mine and I went to see a nightclub Since no one was there we moved on and drove around town for a while when we saw two girls
I knew one of them her name was Dorina and I went to school with her for years I've never seen his girlfriend before even though she seemed nice We stopped by and asked them where they were going They said they were going out but they couldn't find anyone so they headed home
It was around midnight I offered to take them home after I took my friend Slim home They got in and Dorina introduced me to her friend Sandra who turned out to be my boyfriend's age What about Dorina? 18at we used to stomp on it when Charlie and Sandra were 23 We were on our way to Charlie's and the girls figured out that since we met let's not go home let's do something together
I got the idea right away: let's go down to Lake Balaton There was plenty of gas so we turned around and started walking Nothing special happened during the trip but Charlie and I started talking and it turns out he would love to take Sandra I didn't want to bring it up out loud even though I knew Dorina liked sex but I didn't know her friend that well Before we arrived we talked about the prostitutes and what was better worth stbstb and I kind of took the initiative to say that you guys have already cost me a lot of money but what do we get for this?
Meanwhile I stopped by the beach looking in the rear-view mirror at Dorina who smiling with a big smile said " You'll see and she got out of the car" It was just a few steps from the beach That's when we thought it was fun but we didn't bring a bathing suit or a towel The girls looked at each other and quickly undressed The two naked young bodies were a beautiful sight in the evening Moonlight and the two bald vaginas appeared Sandra didn't have very big breasts but they were beautiful like two nice ripe oranges and the excitement made her nipples stand out pretty hard The sight of Dorina made me bleed
I've always wanted to sleep with this girl because every time I look at her she reminds me of sex She had big breasts and being a thin girl her breasts were particularly large I just couldn't take my eyes off her He noticed it and smiled at me After the girls got undressed we were asked why we weren't coming I didn't want to go in there because I wasn't wearing any underwear and then it turns out that's what happened to Karchy The girls went into the water and whispered something
I didn't want to miss this so I put all my inhibitions aside and by then I had broken it into the water with a very large tool Lucky for us it was just us on the beach Charlie came in After a little bath Dorina swam up to me and whispered in my ear that we were about to receive our reward and she took Sandra's hand and they went out We left immediately And it happened which I never thought I'd see and it was the actions of two beautiful girls
Dorina put Sandra on the floor and they started making out Meanwhile Dorina began to caress Sandra's tiny but hard and shapely breasts and slowly handeviel passed down the beautiful body until it reached Sandra's shaved cave If we hadn't seen it we would have known it was coming because Sandra screamed with joy Dorina started fingering her gently slowly but they kept making out Sandra wanted to relate to the pleasure she felt so she reached into the vagina of Dorina kneeling over her and started massaging her clitoris They got really into the lesbian adventure and they didn't stop until they came and then they just lay off each other We couldn't let that goI lay with the mast standing next to Dorina resting after the orgasm and I started caressing her Then I kissed her neck her shoulders her mouth her legs her crotch


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